Tributes paid to an inspirational mum

Janette Charnock has died aged 48 after a 12 year battle with cancer
Janette Charnock has died aged 48 after a 12 year battle with cancer

A truly inspirational Chorley mother has lost her 12-year battle with cancer.

Janette Charnock, 48, of Lancaster Street, Coppull, was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999.

But, despite having to undergo a mastectomy and gruelling courses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy the mum-of-two was nicknamed Smiler for her positive outlook on life.

And, even when the cancer spread to her liver, lungs, bones and then brain, the Southlands High School lab technician remained determined and worried more about others than herself.

Her proud family, including husband Phil, son Nathan, 18, and teenage daughter Alice, 13, have now paid tribute to her and said she will be dearly missed by all her family and friends.

Phil said: “Janette was a very inspirational person. There is no doubt about that.

“She loved to chat and would never stop talking. She always had a smile on her face too and no matter what happened, she was always positive to the point that the nurses who treated her called her Smiler.

“She was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999, and it came as a complete shock to us all. Nathan was only six, and Alice was two and we were devastated.

“She had found a lump six months earlier and had been given the all clear, but the lump had started to grow and it was then we were told she had breast cancer.

“She was completely determined to beat it though and she asked for the best treatment possible and was referred to Christie’s.

“She had to have chemotherapy and then a mastectomy followed by radiotherapy and she was fine for three years until the cancer returned.”

Phil said that Janette remained determined that she wouldn’t give up and underwent more intensive treatment.

He added: “She wanted to protect Nathan and Alice and so she just got on with it.

“She liked to keep fit and took up running, but her real passion was for dragon boat racing. She joined the British team at Liverpool and travelled to Singapore with them to take part in the world championships.

“Janette was very close to her two sisters and her twin mentioned the dragon boats to a friend of hers who also had breast cancer and Janette took her along too.

“She was so inspired by what Janette was doing that she decided to start her own dragon boat team on Lake Windermere.”

Phil revealed that Janette had even planned her own funeral with the help of her sister.

He added: “She wants everyone to wear pink as she hated the thought of there being a sea of black. She also chose to have the song If We Hold On Together by Diana Ross played at the service.

“She had planned it all down to a tee and even wanted the service to be after 3pm so that her colleagues from Southlands could attend.

“Strangely enough the only time that they had free was at 3.30pm on Monday so she got what she wanted.”

Generous Janette had also helped to raise thousands of pounds for good causes since her diagnosis, and her family are asking for donations in her memory that will be split between St Catherine’s Hospice and The Christie Hospital.

Son Nathan said: “She was a brilliant mum and she was always smiling. No matter how ill she was she would always ask about our day and was very brave.

“I was only six when she was first diagnosed and didn’t really understand, but as we grew older we started to realise more and would take mum to her hospital appointments.

“She inspired a lot of people and was smiling until the very end.”

Janette’s funeral will be held at Coppull Parish Church, in Chapel Lane, and is being arranged by Livesey’s Funeral Directors.

For more information ring 01257 262602.