Tributes paid to ‘Mr Music’

Chorley's Psycheleic Sid has died
Chorley's Psycheleic Sid has died
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HUNDREDS of people celebrated the life of one of the town’s most colourful characters – Psychedelic Sid.

The talented musician, guitarist and entertainer died in his sister Gillian’s arms aged 64 after battling cancer.

He played in bands across the North West, including ‘Room Service’ with Mick Randall, ‘Moonshine Willie and The Lost Cause Cowboys’ in the late 70s with his old friend Charlie Monck, and his last band ‘The Roaring Forties’. He was also a solo performer and was well-known across the town for his colourful headband and sunglasses.

His sister Gillian Kavanagh said: “Where he got the name Psychedelic Sid from is one of the mysteries of the universe.

“To us he was Mick, but that was because he was my brother.

“He was a colourful, vibrant musician and artist and well known across the country not just in Chorley. When I was little, he used to just turn up on our doorstep with his guitar on his back.

“My mum would fix him something to eat and he would play us the most phenomenal songs and then that would be it, he’d be off again.

“He was very kind and thoughtful as a brother and had a great sense of humour. He was also very intelligent.

“He was well known for his colourful headband and shades and even after he became ill and had to use a wheelchair, I’d still take him to BJ’s at the Hop Pocket and he wouldn’t be seen without them.”

Sid, who grew up in Brinscall, passed away listening to Nora Jones’ ‘Come Away With Me’.

More than 1,800 people have since left tributes on a Facebook site set up in memory of the 

Gillian added: “He lived life on his own terms and took responsibility for that.

“I think he’d like to be remembered for sharing his music and making people happy.

“He taught his friend, comedian Phil Cool, to play the guitar and was an inspirational person who will be sadly missed.”

Lucas Campbell said: “Sid was such an inspiration to many musicians who knew him, especially those whom he performed with. He will be missed by his family and all who knew him as a unique and much loved character who brought the joy of music to so many.”

A third tribute from former band member Charlie Monck read: “Sid had been ill for a long time, but he bore that illness with a dignity that most of us can only aspire to. I will miss him –thousands will miss him. He brought laughter, joy and great music to so many, and taught me more about music than anyone else in my whole life.”

The celebration was held on Monday at Charnock Richard Crematorium.