Van-dalism puts Lauren in a rage

Lauren Riding with her camper van
Lauren Riding with her camper van
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A car enthusiast, who spends every spare minute working on her camper van, was devastated when it was damaged.

Lauren Riding bought her beloved 1996 white Volkswagen camper van in August and it is worth around £6,000.

She has been working to improve it in her spare time, fitting new lights, electrics and doing other work with help from her dad, Steve.

But she had a setback when the vehicle was damaged while parked outside her home on Springfield Road, Chorley.

On Saturday, December 7, she went outside to find a mirror had been damaged, causing the mechanism to come out and the glass to land on the opposite side of the road.

Her dad’s car, a Renault Megane, and three cars owned by neighbours were also


Lauren, 25, said: “I was very upset and angry about this as my camper van is my pride and joy.

“When I am not in work, I spend the majority of my spare time working on it with a lot of help from my dad.

“It infuriates me that someone can come along and damage someone’s property, and now I have to pick the cost up of replacing it all.”

Lauren has been a fan of Volkswagens for many years and regularly travels around the country to attend shows.

Lauren said: “I’ve lived here for four years and nothing like this has happened before..”

It is not known if the damage was caused accidentally by a passing vehicle, as it is all on the same side, or by vandals.

Lauren said a neighbour saw two men and two women in the street at 12.30am, who were shouting and drunk.

Anyone with information about what happened is asked to call police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.