Village fury over lack of BT services

The remains of the telegraph pole with the bend in the background in Knowsley Lane
The remains of the telegraph pole with the bend in the background in Knowsley Lane
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More than 100 village residents have been without an internet connection or phone line for 16 days after a motorcyclist crashed into a telegraph pole

Angry residents, in Knowsley Road, Heath Charnock, are up in arms after provider BT promised to fix the pole on a number of occasions.

But despite their promises they are yet to do anything.

The incident happened on Sunday, November 30, which saw a motorcyclist crash into a telegraph pole.

One day after the incident BT attended the scene but since then nothing else has been done.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, claimed he was promised by BT that the pole would be repaired on either December 4 or 5.

He said: “He said a temporary repair could be done in a day or two, but a permanent repair would have to be done and could take a month as it would require a road closure to replace the pole.

“Since then we have had people ringing us from BT saying the repair would definitely be done on December 4, and then December 5. But nothing’s happened.

“A lot of people have been seriously inconvenienced by this. I have professional work which I do on the internet and I am having to make daily trips into Chorley to find WiFi.

“The costs are mounting up. And of course we are still

paying BT for a service we are not getting. Our suspicion is that BT will overlook the temporary repair, ignore their customers, and fall back on the permanent repair which will now be some time next year.

“Getting a meaningful response from BT over a mobile just doesn’t happen.”

A BT spokesman, speaking on behalf of Openreach the local network provider said: “We need to replace the pole and the aerial cable on this narrow road so we will need a road closure and permission to dig up the road.

“We are also looking into the possibility of setting up

an alternative, temporary, service.

“Engineers are working hard to restore the services and we would like to thank people in Heath Charnock for their patience.”