Village in homes fear

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Chorley news for web

A picturesque Chorley village is in danger of becoming a “little city”.

The fear was expressed as residents in Croston prepared to fight another housing development on their doorstep.

Villagers are worried that the urban sprawl is creeping into Croston at an alarming rate.

In a latest move, housebuilder Wainhomes wants to construct 26 new homes at the former Croston Woodwork site on Station Road.

The developer has already bought the site on an existing planning consent from Chorley Council.

Ward Coun Doreen Dickinson confessed she was happy to see the site redeveloped – but added there was too much new housing already constructed and earmarked for Croston.

“It will be a little city by the time they have finished,” she said.

“We don’t have a say. They (the council) just do what they like.”

Regarding the Wainhomes application, she said: “Do we have a say, or are we just told?

“If we were to say, no we don’t want it, they would say you’re having it whether you like it or not.”

Coun Dickinson admitted the site was “mess” and an “eyesore” and that even new housing was a better option than leaving it in its present state.

“It needs something doing to it,” she said. “It’s no good as a playing field, it’s too close to the railway line.

“It’s overgrown and there’s a big building there which the children go in and it will be better cleared.

“It’s better something is built on it, but we have got enough houses.”

The planning application – from Wainhomes NW and Amarillo Investments Ltd – has already received a number of objections from residents who have complained to Chorley Council.

Objections range from no need for more housing in the village and the strain it will have on the village infrastructure, to traffic and ecological issues.

However, Robbin Kaye, who lives next to the site, supports the application.

He said: “The current plan is the best option we have had for that site in years.

“It seems a nice development. I’m in favour in its present form.”

Wainhomes declined to comment.