Village ready for funnyman Peter

TOP comedian Peter Kay was due to roll into a Chorley village on Tuesday evening to film a sketch for Red Nose Day next month.

The Bolton comic, one of Britain’s best loved funnymen, was doing the shoot in Abbey Village.

It is understood the sketch is a spoof of a triathlon, with Peter seen rolling up to the Hare and Hounds pub, Bolton Road, in the village – on a settee.

Alan Issott, 51, landlord of the Hare and Hounds, said he was approached by the filmakers who asked could they use the pub as the setting.

“He‘s doing it for Comic Relief,” said Alan.

“John Bishop did a triathlon or something and he’s doing a spoof on that, coming into Abbey Village and pulling into what looks like a B and B.

“They are going to put a vacancy sign outside and remove some of the current signage.”

Alan added: “I believe he’s quite local really. He was aware of this place.

“A location scout came out.

“He’s going to be on a settee riding up the road, or being pushed up the road. Up past the cottages down the road.

“He’ll approach the pub getting ready for his night’s stay.

“It’s going to be made to look like a 1970s B&B.

“That’s the last you see of him here. They will be filming the inside somewhere else.”

Alan said he had not had to make any changes to the pub himself for the filming and that any work was being done by the set creators

“I’m not making any changes,” he said.

He said some of the regulars were aware Peter was due to arrive and had been talking about it.

“A few of them have, yeah,” he said.

“So whether they will turn up I don’t know, but most of them will be working.

“The time isn’t nailed down as yet, all I know it’s going to be dusk, round abut 5.30pm.”

Tenant of the pub, Alan said he was delighted the Hare and Hounds had been chosen for the filming.

“I’m very happy. It’s all for a good cause.”

Peter’s UK tours are hugely popular and his hit sitcom, Phoenix Nights – in which he played Brian Potter – set in a working men’s club, ran on Channel 4 in 2001 and 2002.

A Comic Relief spokesperson confirmed: “Peter Kay is filming a sketch for this year’s Red Nose Day.

“The sketch will be shown on BBC One on Friday, March 15, as part of a fantastic even