Villagers intend to kick up a real big stink

THIS is the sight that is worrying villagers in residents in Croston.

They say water bosses have been trying to pump out the drains on Station Road in recent weeks.

It has been a long-running issue for people living on Station Road and also Grape Lane.

And they fear potential housing developments nearby could only make the problems worse.

Kath Almond, a parish councillor for Croston, said: “There have been a few problems in the village.

“Each time there is a planning application, residents mention the overloading of our old drains, which take sewage from upstream of the village to the sewage works at Croston.

“A manhole in Langdale Road was leaking sewage last year, and despite several holes being dug by United Utilities, the problem has not been solved.

“The manhole does not leak now, but each day, without fail, a vehicle belonging United Utilities comes to pump out the drains on Station Road.

“I learned that the drains were blocked in the chemists on Station Road, and I’m not sure if it is connected.

“I think that there are quite a few local residents are worried about what impact the De Trafford Arms and former Croston Woodwork development will have on us.

“I am worried that there may be more problems in future.

“We may need some more pipeworks running through the village but there has to be some provisions when these developments are being discussed.”

United Utilities were unable to comment before we went to press.