Walk of shame in town centre

Rubbish on Chorley's streets.
Rubbish on Chorley's streets.
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A resident wants Chorley Council to clean up the town centre.

Mervyn Watkins, 63, of Fell View, Chorley, capturing scores of photographs of grot spots on his camera during a walk round the town.

His route was Fell View, Jarrow Road, Brook Street, Charnock Street, Lyons Lane, Chorley interchange, Chapel Street, Market Walk, market car park, Brown Street, Eaves Lane, St James Street and back to Fell View.

Mr Watkins, a former soldier, wagon driver and businessman, said: “I decided to do this after reading the article in the Chorley Guardian about the strengthening of dog fouling laws, which I wholeheartedly agree with.

“The councillor then went on to mention the council makes a lot of effort to keep our streets clean, just to have dog owners allowing their dogs to come along and leave their mess.”

He added: “It seems to be a regular claim by various council personnel that Chorley’s streets are the cleanest in the North West.

“Well, I believe my photos seem to prove different.

“Incidentally, on my walk, after taking well over 60 photos of litter and blocked drains and full bins, I only came across four lots of dog fouling, two of which were my own dogs which was picked up straight away.”

Coun Terry Brown, who oversees the council’s street cleaning teams, said: “The streets on the whole in Chorley are clean, but we are aware there are some parts of the borough that need to be improved.

“Similarly to the work we are doing as part of the Making it Happen campaign to tackle dog fouling, we will also be targeting those who disregard the local environment and either drop litter or fly tip.

“If there is an area that is blighted by litter or you spot an overflowing bin, then please be our eyes and ears and let the council know so we can do something about it.

“To reduce litter, the council will be installing 300 new litter bins in the coming months that will replace some of the older ones and have a bigger capacity to take more rubbish.

“We also commit to carrying out a thorough clean of all the roads and pavements once every eight weeks, with the town centre cleaned every day and village centres every week.

“In return we’d ask people to be responsible and respect the local environment by using the bins or by taking their litter home.”