Warning over heated up Chorley cakes


If you have a burning desire for a Chorley cake, well you should be aware that you can’t have your cake and heat it.

A warning has gone out after it was discovered a spate of fires were triggered by Eccles cakes.

The small round pastries –very similar to Chorley Cakes – have been the cause of at least three blazes in recent weeks after attempts to warm them up went wrong.

The cakes are sold ready to eat, but when people put them in their microwave ovens to warm up, it causes the sugar on top to catch light.

The fires broke out in Merseyside, causing damage to kitchens, microwaves and food.

Statistics have revealed that Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service had been called to 16 fires started by food being overcooked in a microwave over the past two years.

And though none involved Chorley Cakes, a fire service spokesman said: “Whether a grill, a hob, a conventional oven or a microwave are used to heat food, it’s essential not to leave it unattended.

“Manufacturers’ instructions for cooking or warming-up food should be followed .

“And although for many foods the option of conventional or microwave oven cooking/heating is often offered, where

a microwave is not specified as an option it’s best not to use one.”

Chorley cakes are made using currants, sandwiched between two layers of unsweetened shortcrust pastry.