Waxing lyrical on green effort

Staff at Kerax in Chorley.
Staff at Kerax in Chorley.
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A Chorley-based factory has completed a £300,000 investment to cut its carbon footprint.

Wax blender and exporter Kerax has reduced energy consumption and improved efficiencies with as a result of the cash layout.

The expenditure is part of ongoing environmental and efficiency investment plans for the company, which sees it celebrate 50 years of wax manufacturing in 2012.

As the UK’s largest wax blender, Kerax has ploughed more than £160,000 into new machinery to produce bespoke packaging for clients’ individual products which has helped reduce energy consumption and waste.

An additional £150,000 has been invested into a new roof to improve factory aesthetics and energy efficiency.

The roof is a significant long-term investment representing the start of an investment programme that will allow Kerax to grow into new markets.

A further £50,000 is being invested in state of the art tank telemetry to eliminate spills and new temperature measurement kit to regulate temperature and energy usage.

MD Ian Appleton said: ”Since our takeover in 2006, we’ve been investing in the infrastructure of the company and we’ve made some significant strides forward in terms of carbon footprint reduction as well as the quality of our plant and machinery.

“The recent expenditure has not only enhanced the appearance of the factory, but also reduced the amount of energy we use.”

The environment is a key concern for Kerax, which is developing new wax products from sustainable sources and have just introduced a 100 per cent natural candle wax.

“Refining our environmental credentials is important both from an energy efficiency point of view and also product development perspective,” added Ian.

“Our natural candle wax is becoming increasingly important for clients who demand a
GM-free supply chain.”