‘We don’t feel that justice has been done’

Debbie Ryan
Debbie Ryan
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Mum-of-two Deborah Ryan, 40, who was better known as Debbie, was found with head injuries at the junction of Pall Mall and Tootell Street last year.

She lost a four-day battle for life surrounded by her family at Royal Preston Hospital on April 3.

In February, Richard Ciborowski was jailed at Preston Crown Court after admitting her manslaughter.

Speaking after the anniversary of her death her mother Linda said that Mother’s Day was an emotional occasion as members of the family visited Chorley Cemetery on Southport Road.

Linda describes the incident as still ‘raw’ in the family’s mind and says their lives have been turned upside since Debbie’s death.

She said: “We are all still in shock and cannot take it in that she is not here.

“My main purpose was to get enough money together to pay for the headstone at Chorley Cemetery.

“It has been a struggle over the past year for the family and they all look up to me.

“I have tried to be chatty around them yet I am crying inside about Debbie.

“My husband Shaun has been ill ever since it happened and he had a seizure in November after the first court case.

“He has gone downhill since then and I am virtually caring for him.

“Everyone is heartbroken and they are just keeping themselves to themselves and nobody wants to talk about it by blocking it out of their minds. I cannot see the situation getting any better.”

Linda said her daughter, who was a grandmother herself, ‘lived life to the full’.

“We had never experienced anything like it before,” she added.

“We sat around her bed wishing for a miracle that she would come out of it.”

She said of her daughter’s killer “We don’t feel that justice has been done.

“I hate him and I think that he should never be allowed out of prison because he is a violent person.”

Debbie left behind two daughters Danielle, 23, and Chloe, 20.