Weather forces Farmers’ Market closure

Pedestrians battle the wind
Pedestrians battle the wind

Chorley Council says it is prepared should the borough be hit by bad weather.

High winds and heavy rain have affected the region overnight.

Although the forecast has been revised for the Chorley area and the weather is not expected to be as bad as originally thought, concil bosses have cancelled tomorrow’s Farmers Market because the gazebos would not be able to withstand the expected wind gust speeds.

Councillor Paul Walmsley, who oversees community safety for Chorley Council, said: “We are always on standby and ready to swing into action whatever the weather or emergency.

“We are logged into alerts from the Met Office and Environment Agency so we can be ready to deal with severe weather conditions and floods.

“Although the severe weather warning for wind initially covered this area, this has now been revised and winds are not expected to be severe this far south.

“However, we have cancelled our food and craft market for this Saturday because the wind speeds and gusts forecasted for Saturday are too strong for our gazebos to withstand.

“There is currently also a warning out for ice and snow across the region for Sunday and Monday, expected as far south as Blackburn, but if it does reach us, then whilst Lancashire County Council is responsible for gritting roads, we would have people ready to go out to grit our car parks and town centre pavements if necessary.”