White Bear Studios in Chorley ready to make its mark

Making good music for the people of Chorley is what drives Craig Hopkinson and Dave Page.

Monday, 18th September 2017, 2:21 pm
Updated Monday, 18th September 2017, 3:50 pm
David Page of White Bear Studios, Chorley

They now aim to take White Bear Studios, in Chorley, and create a multi-media hub for music, media and expression.

The studio was set up in 2011 in Adlington by Dave and it relocated to Foxhole Road, in Chorley, three years later.

He enlisted the help of Craig this year, who is now helping him to achieve his dream of creating a vibrant music centre in Chorley.

Craig Hopkinson of White Bear Studios, Chorley

The recording studio is equipped with a mixture of analogue and digital equipment and recording takes place in the sound enhancing live lounge, an ultra-precise isolation booth, or a bespoke control room.

Craig, 31, says: “Dave and I each have 15 years of experience professionally.

“Dave was in a few metal bands and I used to be a music producer in Blackburn.

“I was in hip-hop bands and created the hip-hop scene over there. So we are heavily influenced by these genres.

Craig Hopkinson and David Page with dog Snoop at White Bear Studios, Chorley

“Dave focuses on making music. He supports the musicians and helps them sound the best they can.

“He hears songs in different ways and helps to develop the artists.

“Our aim is to put the artist’s passion onto CD by helping them craft their sound into its best possible adaptation.

“This is achieved through a careful balance of equipment, technique, skill, and working closely with you.

Craig Hopkinson of White Bear Studios, Chorley

“We understand that music is personal. We keep musicians up-to-date throughout the mixing process to ensure their artistic vision is not compromised.

“I was taken on to support Dave so he can focus solely on producing music. I work on promoting the studio and the artists. I get bands into the studio and I promote them on social media and professional videos.

“The recording studio has the facility to film recording sessions and sync professional audio recording to video. We can also provide bespoke audio and music to accompany visuals.

“This can include advertisements, short films, instructional videos and more. Our previous clients include Ellesse and JD Sports.”

Craig Hopkinson and David Page with dog Snoop at White Bear Studios, Chorley

Over the summer Dave and Craig held an open day at the studio, where they added 15 new artists and bands from across the North West to their repertoire.

These include Lady Livid; Circle Casino, and Millicent, from Preston, who featured on The Voice.

White Bear also operates as a cafe and bar, named The Marauders Bar, taken from the album Midnight Marauders by A Tribe Called Quest.

The bar opens up for monthly gigs held in the studios main live room and a smoking / seating area has been created outside.

The studio has invested in a professional camera and green screen set up for music videos and other media content creation.

Craig adds: “There is nothing like this in Chorley.

“There is a bit of a music scene here but nowhere to nurture it.

“We have a lot of younger people and a lot of older people who want to express themselves and create music. We aim to have a centralised multi-media hub that serves Chorley, Leyland and Preston.

“We can help to launch careers. Millicent, who was on The Voice earlier this year, has released her song Senses, and she has a big gig in December supporting Natty, a reggae artist who has played at Glastonbury.

“We are also in talks with Chorley Council with a view to working within the community.”

White Bear Studios, in Foxhole Road, Chorley, will hold its next open day – Bear Necessities – on Saturday, October 28 (11am to 5pm).

Musicians can use the studio for a free half-hour recording session, plus there are free guitar lessons. Local artists will also showcase their sound and entertain guests. There will also be a bouncy castle, raffles and competitions, food and a bar.