Who owns killer Rottweiler?

A dog has been seized after a savage attack in Chorley left a pet dead.

Police have launched an investigation to track down the owners of the killer rottweiller, whose own fate hangs in the balance.

A major operation was launched – which included trained police officers armed with a hand-held Taser device – after reports of the rottweiler attacking a much smaller dog, thought to be a King Charles Spaniel, in the Eaves Lane area of Chorley on Monday.

Pauline Taylor, from Hall's Bakery in Eaves Lane, said: "I was in the back of the shop and heard the dog screaming.

"It was awful, I thought it had been run over; it was howling and crying so much.

"By the time I got to the front of the shop, it was just laying dead on the street, covered in blood.

"There were a lot of people around and the woman who owned the little dog was hysterical.

"We brought her inside and made her a cup of tea, but she was so upset.

"I can't believe it happened, it makes me feel sick just thinking about it. It was so horrific.

"I have two dogs of my own, and I feel as though I can't take them out now.

"I didn't take them out last night, and I couldn't even sleep because of what happened."

A 32-year-old woman, who works near the scene of the attack, said: "The woman was crouched down on the street, crying, and I didn't know if she was hurt.

"I went over and she was completely beside herself, she was heartbroken.

"She wasn't injured, but she was shaking because she was in shock.

"Someone must have gone to get her husband because he turned up to help. He was covered in blood from the rottweiler.

"He and a few other men had managed to get hold of it and stop it from running off, but he was drenched in blood all over his chest and stomach from where the rottweiler had hurt his dog."

Eye-witness Shirley James, from Wolseley Street, said: "I was on my way to my boyfriend's house from work when I saw a dog ragging the other to death.

"Some people thought it was safer to stay in their cars, but someone phoned the police.

"The dog had just killed one dog and who knows, it may have been heading for a passer-by.

"I witnessed a scene that will stay with me for a long time."

The horror unfolded early on Monday evening when the rottweiler was seen running around without its owner in Eaves Lane, near to the junction with Harpers Lane.

Police officers were called as passers-by tried to hold down the black and tan animal.

Eventually a dog warden managed to detain the dog with a grabbing device before securing it in a van.

The Taser, which discharges a high-voltage electric current to disable a target, was not used.

The rottweiller, which is believed to be a non-neutered male, has been detained as the search for its owner continues.

Coun Eric Bell who oversees the control of dogs for Chorley Council, said: "This was a very serious attack and I feel for the lady who was just out walking with her dog on a lead.

"It is vitally important that people keep control of their dogs either on a lead if they are out with it or if it's in a garden or yard to make sure the area is secure and the dog can't get out on its own.

"While it was a horrific attack, I do want to reassure people that these type of attacks are rare in Chorley and we work hard to educate people to look after their pets and keep control of them.

"If they don't, we will take action against them."

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: "We are looking to identify the owners of the dog as soon as possible."

* Do you know who owns the attacked dog? e-mail christopher.maguire@lep.co.uk or call 01257 264911.