William is the top cat

Cats Protection Finalist 2012 William with owner Debra Taylor
Cats Protection Finalist 2012 William with owner Debra Taylor
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A three-legged cat who limped home being after being mauled by a dog has been awarded for his inspirational recovery.

Black-and-white William, a rescue cat from Chorley, dragged himself half a mile home using just his front legs after being savaged by a dog earlier this year.

He collapsed on the doorstep of owner Debra Terry’s home in Cliffe Drive and was rushed to the vet in a critical condition. One of his back legs had been broken in two places and had to be amputated.

After a lot of care and a tenacious attitude, the plucky four-year-old puss beat the odds and is now adapting to life on three legs.

His tale won the Most Incredible Story award at Cat Protection’s National Cat Awards on Thursday.

Owner Debra, 46, who has two cats and two dogs, said: “It was Good Friday this year when my dog started mithering me to go to the back door.

“William had stuck his head through the cat flap and when he saw me he let out this almighty scream.

“When I saw the state he was in I was terrified.”

William was rushed to Hillcrest Animal Hospital where vets, unable to correct the nerve damage after the attack, were forced to amputate one of his back legs.

He remained in a critical condition for 24 hours.

Debra said: “I really thought we would lose him. He was in such a mess and the vets said they had never seen such a bad case.

“But he knew if he got home we would be able to do something for him. He was so determined.”

Tenacious William had to learn to fight for his life when he was just a kitten. He rescued from an abusive home in Blackpool with brother Wallace when he was nine weeks old, and was taken in by Debra and her family.

The brave moggy was once again forced to overcome a setback when brother Wallace was killed after being knocked over by a car in Chorley last year.

Debra said: “We were away at the time and the cats were being looked after by a family member.

“Wallace had been hit by a car and was lying at the end of our road.

“The neighbours only knew it was Wallace because William was sat by his side.”

Debra entered William for the award after seeing a poster in the vets after his attack.

She said: “I just really felt for him.

“Unfortunately here was too much nerve damage to save his back leg and it had to be amputated but he’s brilliant now.

“He zooms about on three legs like nothing is wrong.

“William has a really strong character and deserves this.”

He won a trophy, three months’ supply of cat food, a year’s supply of Verdo Cat Litter and a framed photo at the star-studded final at London’s Savoy hotel, presented by comedian Ed Byrne.