Work starts on eyesore pub site

The former Brookes Arms site on Eaves Lane, Chorley
The former Brookes Arms site on Eaves Lane, Chorley
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Work has started on a redundant pub site.

The Brookes Arms, on Eaves Lane, Chorley, closed its doors in 2013.

The empty building was bulldozed last year.

Since its demolition, the site has become an eyesore and a victim of fly tipping and anti-social behaviour.

Several calls have been made by councillors and residents to tidy up the site.

At Chorley Council’s recent development control committee meeting, an enforcement notice to clean up the site was deferred because land owner Tariq Ahmed had started tidying the area.

A planning application was also submitted several weeks ago to build property on the land, but it was later withdrawn.

Chris Weetman, of CW Planning Solutions, who is the agent for the site, said: “We are aware that the site has caused concern amongst the community and councillors.

“We are seeking to improve the site pending the submission and determination of a planning application.”

The site has previously been fenced off to prevent access.

But its untidy appearance has affected the area.

Coun Alistair Bradley, leader of Chorley Council, added: “People are taking over a number of sites in Chorley, demolishing them and then leaving them.

“We want to put a stop to this and we want people to tidy up the eyesore sites.

“This wouldn’t happen in the middle of Manchester so why should people treat Chorley any different.”

Some of the rubble has already been removed off the site.

Boards are also expected to replace the fences.

Coun Hasina Khan, ward councillor for Chorley East, said: “If they’re cleaning up the site then it means something positive is happening.

“I’d welcome any sort of development in the area.

“It would help solve the anti-social behaviour problems and the fly-tipping, that has been making it worse and that’s not the developers fault.

“It’s very good that coming up to the summer months something is happening with the site.”