World Cup warning from police to pubs

Peter Verhaege, manager of Applejax nightclub in Chorley and chairman of Chorley Pubwatch
Peter Verhaege, manager of Applejax nightclub in Chorley and chairman of Chorley Pubwatch
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Chorley pubs have been handed a stark World Cup warning from the police as England prepares for the big kick off.

Licensees who do not take recommended precautions have been told they could be in trouble if a serious crime or disorder incident happens on their premises.

A letter has gone out to them from Lancashire Police’s southern division licensing sergeant Tony

Bushell outlining the recommendations.

They are:

n Use plastic glasses, with bottles decanted.

n Door staff levels to be kept to the same ratio as a Saturday night.

n Staff to remove pool cues that may be used as weapons.

n The designated premises supervisor on site for England matches and the final.

n Extra glass collectors employed.

n Any rubbish skip or bin containing extra bottles stored outside to be emptied before each match.

The letter concludes: “It should be noted that these recommendations only apply on days when England matches are being screened and for the World Cup final.

“Should a serious violent incident occur in a premise as a result of this advice not being implemented the full weight of the Licensing Act 2003 will be considered.”

Sergeant Tony Bushell, said: “It’s not necessarily an order, it’s a consideration. Obviously, if we do get potential issues at premises and these things haven’t been considered, there might be questions asked.”

However, licensee Kurt Smith, landlord of the Rose and Crown, St Thomas’s Road, Chorley and owners of Applejax nightclub, Market Street, slammed the measures.

He said: “I can’t see how it’s workable when a busy bar with football has got to find space to accommodate. polycarbonate glasses at a cost for three games.You’ve got to price the glasses up, get them stocked up and you’ve got until June 14 to do it. I can’t see the mathematics of using them or people wanting to drink out of them.”

“I don’t see Chorley Borough Council going out to empty the bins before a match at 11pm.”

He added: “They’ve (police) not consulted with us, They’ve sent us a letter saying you’ve got to do it and if you don’t and anything happens you’ll feel the full weight of the law. That doesn’t sound like a recommendation to me.

“I think we’ll just carry on as normal and just hope nothing happens. I didn’t see any problems from the last World Cup. It was good, everybody was happy, there wasn’t any trouble in town.

Peter Verhaege, manager of Applejax and chairman of Chorley Pubwatch, said: “I think it’s just common sense to be honest.

“It’s just telling people their responsibilities and they only have themselves to blame.”