Yobs target Chorley Football Club once again

Another plea: Chorley vice-chairman and secretary Graham Watkinson
Another plea: Chorley vice-chairman and secretary Graham Watkinson
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Chorley Football Club’s vandal-plagued Victory Park Stadium has been targeted by yobs once again – just one month after a club plea was released begging yobs to stay away.

The ground, in Duke Street, has been vandalised no less than five times this year.

Televisions, DVD players and stereo systems are all things that have been stolen, while crooks have also smashed walls, roof tiles and on one occasion even attempted to set a section of the stand on fire. The latest incident has seen a number of concrete panels smashed.

Club secretary and vice-chairman Graham Watkinson temporarily repaired the damage on Tuesday prior to the evening league fixture against Stockport County.

Mr Watkinson left the ground at 4.30pm, when he returned at 6.00pm the repaired panels had already been damaged.

He said: “This is constant petty damage and to be quite frank everybody at the club has had enough.

“On Tuesday, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the walls had been broken again after I’d fixed them.

“I’d only been away for just over an hour and they had a go at it.

“In total they’ve smashed three panels and including labour it’s another £700 that the club will have to pay out.

“This petty damage is a real burden on club finances, we want to improve things that need improving, we don’t want to keep paying out and fixing people’s mindless vandalism.

The club has asked for people in the area to speak out if they anything. People can also call Chorley Police on 101.