Young arsonists told to tackle blaze

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Two mini-arsonists who set fire to a shed in Chorley were made to help put out their own blaze as punishment.

The 12-year-old and 14-year-old were spotted by an off duty firefighter playing with a lighter on land at Railway View in Croston.

The firebugs set alight a bail of straw which then quickly spread to a nearby animal shed and within minutes completely destroyed it.

The quick-thinking off-duty firefighter stopped the two young boys, who admitting what they did, and made them with him until fire crews arrived on the scene to tackle the burning shed.

When they did, the boys were made to help carry buckets of water and fire equipment to assist with putting out the blaze as punishment for their actions.

Praising the efforts of the off-duty officer and fire crews who dealt with the situation, PC Michael Payne of Chorley Police, said: “We were called to an address in Croston where two juveniles had set fire to straw and the fire spread.

“Both of the offenders were utilised to support in the transporting of fire equipment and buckets of water.

“The owners then arrived at the scene and they apologised to them. Their parents were then called and they were taken home.

“I’m quite sure the actions in taking the restorative justice will mean the young boys won’t be doing anything like this again.”

The incident happened just before midday on Monday, June 4 and the young boys are believed to be from the Wigan area.

One fire engine from Leyland and one from Tarleton were called to the scene, where they put out the 2m by 3m shed. No animals were in it at the time.

Richard Edney of Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, said he hopes the actions of officers will mean the young boys have learnt their lesson.

He said: “The fire was spotted by an off-duty fire fighter who had seen the boys trespassing and had called both the police and fire service.

“As the fire engine was parked quite a distance away they got the boys to help carry equipment from the fire engine like buckets of water.

“It’s deplorable that someone would set fire to something deliberately and it is dangerous not just for themselves but for other people as well. “It takes the fire engine away from other people who might need it.

“Hopefully the actions taken by the fire fighters will stop the two young boys from doing anything like this ever again.”