Young Ben is the toe-st of the team following kit deal

Brinscall under 10s football team
Brinscall under 10s football team
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A youngster’s unfortunate broken toe has netted his football team a new kit.

Ben Bicknell, nine, sustained his injury during a visit to Chorley’s Botany Bay shopping and leisure complex.

The youngster was playing in the attraction’s Puddletown Pirates children’s play centre when the accident happened.

Poor Ben, of Epsom Close, Great Knowley, who plays for Brinscall Under-10s was sidelined for five weeks.

But Botany Bay eased the pain when his mum Wendy Bicknell contacted the complex’s bosses to see if they would turn this misfortune into good by sponsoring her son’s enthusiastic football team, who were struggling to find one for the forthcoming season.

Not wanting to see the team left in the lurch, they happily signed up to be the new shirt sponsor.

Rowena Allen, marketing manager for Botany Bay, said: “We were delighted to help the boy’s team and are happy to support community activity.

“We already sponsor another boy’s team, but given the circumstances of this request, we wanted to make the little boy happy who had not been able to play for five weeks due to his accident.

“We wish them every success in the next season.”

Mum Wendy, a teaching assistant, explained: “When Ben visited Botany Bay with his little cousin he injured himself on the netting in Puddletown Pirates.

“After complaining that he couldn’t walk on his right foot, I decided to take him to A&E.

“They confirmed that he had broken his toe.

“Ben was devastated as he could not play football for several weeks. He plays in centre midfield andis a valued member of the squad.

“I contacted Botany Bay as we were in need of a sponsor and I explained what had happened with Ben and how upset he was that he could not play football for a while and how they could turn a negative situation into a positive.

“It’s a great ending to an unfortunate incident and well done Botany Bay.”

Team manager Jamie Banks said: “I would just like to say how grateful we all are to Botany Bay for the sponsorship of our smart new kit.

“ It goes along way towards compensating us for the loss of one our star players for a few games.”