Youngster Jaden from Coppull is first aid hero after nan's fall

An eight-year-old was heralded as a hero after he performed emergency first aid when his grandmother fell unconscious.

Tuesday, 24th April 2018, 9:25 am
Updated Tuesday, 24th April 2018, 9:31 am
Jaden with his sister Tilly

Jaden Roberts, a student at St Oswald’s Catholic Primary School in Coppull, was playing with his sister Tilly when his great grandmother fell and became unconscious.

Jumping into action Jaden, called 999, covered Joan Rhodes, who is 73, in his jacket and even put her in the recovery position.

Mum Amie Roberts, of Chapel Street, Coppull, said: “The school was closed on Monday due to flooding so my nan was looking after the kids for the day.

Jaden and Tilly and their great grandmother

“She took them down to Birkacre. There’s a playground area and a stone bridge with a tunnel under it.

“The kids like to jump off the wall.

“It’s at quite a height and my nan was standing on it watching the them.

“She must have got dizzy because she lost her balance, slipped and fell off the wall. She smacked her head on the rock when she went down and knocked herself out.

Jaden and Tilly and their great grandmother

“Jaden took his jacket off and covered my nan up and called 999 and then put her in the recovery position.

“I didn’t even know he knew how to do that.

“My little girl Tilly who is six ran for help and got some other mums to come over.”

Joan, from Charnock Richard, had broken one of her vertebrae and her ankle.

She was taken to Royal Preston Hospital where she remains while she waits for an operation on her ankle. Joan will also have to wear a back brace until she recovers.

Speaking to the Guardian afterwards Jaden said: “We were at Birkacre Park and we were near the tunnel and she fell off the wall.

“She slipped and she hurt her head and then she broke her back and her ankle.

“When she was on the ground she said ‘Jaden it’s OK, it’s alright’ and then I said ‘are you OK’ and I rang the Ambulance 999 and then they came.”

Tilly said: “When my brother rang 999 I ran for help and then people were helping.

“I was helping my brother not to keep crying. He was very sad because my Nan had a fall.”

Amie, who works in tanning salon Costa del Coppull, said: “Jaden and Tilly were really shaken up afterwards.

“Jaden was so good with my daughter.

“He sat her down and told her not to go over to see and comforted her because she was crying.”

“I was at work and someone came and got me so I was there when the paramedics arrived.

“All the mothers there said he had been such a hero.

“Jaden had a panic attack afterwards. I think he was traumatised. He had a day off school to get his head round it.

“Both Jaden and Tilly are close to my nan.”