Youngsters risking lives on old Camelot rollercoaster

Drone pictures of the former Camelot Theme Park at Charnock Richard
Drone pictures of the former Camelot Theme Park at Charnock Richard
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Thrill seekers are putting their lives at risk by scaling an 80ft disused ride at a former theme park.

Now the local MP has written to the site owners asking for the ride to be pulled down.

It comes after teenagers were spotted climbing to the top of the former Knightmare roller coaster ride at the now closed Camelot theme park at Charnock Richard, near Chorley.

The majority of the rides have been removed, but the rusty remains of the Knightmare still stand and are becoming a magnet for young people.

In a statement, site owner, Cumbria-based Story Homes said there was ‘uncertainty’ over who was responsible for the ride.

But Chorley MP Lindsay Hoyle said: “I’ve sent a letter to Story Homes and the bottom line is the ride needs to be pulled down.

“For me it is an eyesore off the M6 motorway.

“Story Homes is a responsible company, if they want to be a good neighbour then they need to tidy up the site and take down this monstrosity.”

Camelot closed its doors to customers in 2012.

Since its closure, the site has fallen into disrepair and there has been a number of reports of anti-social behaviour.

Firefighters also had to put out a blaze at the site after one of the thatched roofs on a former building was set alight.

The site is now boarded up but teenagers are sneaking through gaps in the fences.

Story Homes, which was refused planning by Chorley Council to build 420 homes on the site earlier in the year, has said security is now on site.

A spokesman for the company said: “Story Homes is trying to establish who owns the roller coaster before we can work with the owner of the ride to have it removed.

“There is currently some uncertainty around who is responsible and where the ownership lies and lawyers are looking into this.

“Story Homes do not own the ride.

“As landowners, Story Homes recognises the dangers the site poses and have taken significant steps to secure the site from trespassers.

“We have a full-time on-site security team in place, fencing around the roller coaster and guards patrolling the area.”