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Closing the custody suite is ‘a blow to local justice’

DEAR Editor,

In reply to your article in the newspaper on July 20, I find it incredulous that the constabulary could only give one example for closing the custody cells at Leyland Police Station, to ‘save the cost of lighting’. As this block has only just been refurbished, I would hope that low-energy lighting has been installed, which will reduce the lighting cost.

Taking into account the current combined populations of South Ribble and Chorley at over 204,000 (2001 census) and Skelmersdale/Ormskirk, situated at the periphery of our county, at 62,000.

Plus the cost of £888,000 already spent to refurbish the custody block at Leyland Police Station only recently, then to close it and propose to spend even more money to refurbish the cell block at Skelmersdale, would appear to the person on the street ludicrous.

There are many issues that have not been fully explained, such as dramatically-increased travelling time, which will take police off the streets to convey prisoners to the three proposed centres, one being ‘next door’ to Merseyside. Local justice for those in custody goes out of the window for local people with Chorley losing this facility.

Having considered the scant information released, and in view of the current financial stringency, it would seem essential for Lancashire Constabulary and the Lancashire Police Authority to explain, to justify this pattern of expenditure and the basis upon which their decision to close the cells at South Ribble has been made.

Remembering it is the people of Lancashire through the payment of their taxes that pay for this organisation.

Paul Helmn

Charnock Richard

Making a stand against cuts

Dear Editor,

I am so annoyed that each time I need an hospital appointment they try to send me to Preston although the specialist comes to Chorley.

Why should we travel 10 miles to Preston when we have a very good hospital on our doorstep?

I do not drive so that is three buses each way and nearly two hours travelling time.

Recently I had an appointment at Euxton out of hours clinic. I needed an X-ray, they tried to send me to a cabin at the Minerva Centre, in Preston.

I said why should I go to a cabin when Chorley has a proper X-ray department, so off I went to Chorley and she was mad at me.

In future I’m making a stand and hope people will follow the example.

If any cut backs or closures are made which hospital will it affect?

Well not Preston because they make sure their seen as busier than our hospital.

Name and address


We should let travellers stay

Dear Editor,

My personal view on the travellers in Heath Charnock is that they should be allowed to stay, or the council should find them equivalent accommodation.

The council keeps saying it’s a greenbelt area, where they live. It’s neat and tidy, privately screened off, not over looking anyone and if they choose to move on it will still be a greenbelt area.

There are no permanent buildings that have been erected, everything is movable and the area can be restored to green belt.

If they still insist on these children and parents moving then find them a nice area to live in the Adlington/Chorley district.

We must be the only country about that doesn’t provide for Romany travellers.

Good luck to them, they deserve to stay.

Mrs J Gibbon

Address supplied

Fairer deal needed on fuel

Dear Editor,

I recently paid nearly £1.34 a litre for petrol. Most of the amount goes to the Treasury.

A sliding mechanism to give a constant minimum amount was talked about but little done.

The price too has a large speculative element. The car is of course no longer the rich man’s thing.

Vincent Bell


Praise for staff and school

Dear Editor,

I am a parent and recently attended an award ceremony for pupils of Shaftesbury House School on Stratford Road, Chorley.

The headteacher, Ann Clark, and all her staff should be proud of the superb work they do for the pupils and parents.

H Howarth


Cashing in on price of parking

Dear Editor,

I write in reply to B Mason’s question (Guardian July 27) as to why the unused part of the car parking ticket can not be passed on to other motorists.

The answer being Chorley Council want to maximise potential car park income every possible way.

This is a policy I disapprove of, it is simply unfair, an example of how every opportunity in these difficult economic times is being used to extract further revenue from the general public, no doubt to help fund new gazebos for the town’s part time markets or to provide generous park allowances for council chiefs or maybe free parking passes for council employees.

Stephen Cross

Address supplied

Sort flooding out for locals

Dear Editor,

I was amazed to read your report on the “possible” flood risk in Euxton Lane during the Iron Man contest.

Network Rail beggar belief, they are said to be prepared to provide an emergency pump if the road is flooded and this will enable the competitors to pass under the railway bridge without getting wet.

Residents of Euxton have “been getting wet” trying to get through the bridge for up to two years now, why oh why can they now do something for a 12 hour sporting event when they seem unable to do anything to help the poor mothers of young children trying to get their children to school, the local commuters trying to get to work and emergency services having to go round a diversion ?

Come on Network Rail enough is enough, bite the bullet and get the job sorted for once and for all.

Brian Leyden

Parish Councillor

There are some kind, honest, people about after all following a purse theft

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the lady who found my purse in Tesco’s car park, Chorley, and handed it in at the counter.

I went shopping on July 7 and when I returned, I realised I’d lost my purse.

I spoke to the lady at the counter and she said that a woman had handed it in, and it made me appreciate that there are some kind, honest people about.

Thank you once again.

Name and address supplied.

Cancer boost

DEAR Editor,

I would like to congratulate The Chorley Guardian for covering the charity concert in aid of Ovarian Cancer.

We raised an incredible £1,200 which is unbeatable for a one off event.

The feedback has been unbelievavle and has inspired us to do it all again.

We intend to form a small committee to arrange more events in aid of this very important charity.

I would like to thank entertainer Anthony James (Meatloaf to Pavarotti effortlessly) and the fabulous “Brass Routes” motown soul group.

But most of all, I would like to thank all of the people who helped sell tickets, especially Kath Howlett, Brian Sherrington and all my family who helped on the night.

With the help of your newspaper and all your readers we can raise significant amounts of money.

Support us and save a life, it could be your nearest and dearest.

If anyone is interested, ring me - 01257 410196 / 07737468036

Thanks again,

Dougie Howlett (Organiser)

Two sides to a story

DEAR Editor,

I would like to write to the Guardian concerning the Linfoot family.

They are often slated by people and I would just like people to know that there is always two sides to a story.

Since the family have set up home off HutLane in Adlington, they have had nothing but trouble because they live in a caravan and not a house.

I know Mrs Linfoot through our children and when I first met her I couldn’t believe that she was a traveller.

She was one of the nicest people I have ever met and so is her family.

The children are all well dressed, well mannered and fit in brilliantly with the other children.

The family contribute a great deal of time and effort to the school.

Mrs Linfoot is always hands on when helping with activities that is going on.

I have been welcomed into their home and couldn’t believe how well kept it is. The site is nothing like people are making it out, it is immaculate.

They have never caused any harm to anyone and have had to put up with a lot of abuse. They have never retaliated like a lot of people would.

I don’t know anybody who has a bad word to say about the family after they have met them.

I just felt that somebody had to let other readers know that they are nothing like they are being made out to be.

With Thanks

K Boylan

Anger at new 20mph plans

Dear Editor,

I am dismayed at Lancashire County Council’s decision to go ahead with the implementation of 20mph speed limits with all the cost this entails whilst axing vital front line services.

We had the Red Rose Runner who took elderly and disabled people to the doctors, hospitals, dentists etc but this has been cut.

The Dial a Ride service which did all of the above plus going to the shops and day centres have imposed fare charges.

Fosterfields, which plays a vital role in day care for the sick and disabled for a couple of days a week has started to charge £30 a day which is unaffordable to many as the state pension is £100.

It beggars belief that the LCC can find funding for 20mph signs, surely this could have waited until the financial landscape was healthier.

Margaret Moore

Chorley Pensioners Association

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