Letters and emails on January 5, 2011

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No need to fret over bin plans

Dear editor,

In response to ‘Recycling plans need a re-think’ Guardian December 8, I can assure the writer that she has no cause for alarm regarding the council’s intention to ask householders to recycle food waste.

We have been taking part in this trial for many months (including the winter period last year) and have experienced no problems.

The fact that food can be disposed of in a seure, enclosed bin is far safer and more hygienic than allowing it to rot on a compost heap, encouraging rodents and flies etc.

Food wrapped in newspaper present no problem and certainly is not a cause for concern.

We should be proud of our Borough Council initiative in encouraging so many forms of recycling.

We ALL need to pull together in order to play even a small part in saving our planet.

Name supplied, Chorley

Let’s applaud hard workers

Dear editor,

Please would you extend a sincere thank you, through your newspaper, to all our refuse collectors, posties and emergency services for their hard work during this hazardous weather.

We take them for granted most of the time but it is in situations like these than we realise what an excellent service they provide.

I wish the same could be said for the Tesco supermarket in Chorley.

Their car park was a disgrace when I visited on December 20.

No effort had been made to make it safe, especially the disabled parking bays.

People in wheelchairs were finding it extremely difficult to negotiate the snow and ice as were able bodied people. Surely they have a duty of care to keep their customers safe.

I would like to wish you and all your staff and readers a happy and prosperous new year.

Name supplied, Astley Village

Fight not yet over for PCSOs

Dear Editor,

It is good to hear through your newspaper that the Home Office has finally agreed to ring-fence their portion of the money supporting Police Community Support Officer positions in Chorley.

I note that your paper also announced Chorley Borough Council are to do the same.

Whilst these are welcome words, on two previous occasions Chorley’s Conservative councillors voted against a proposal to ringfence their funding for PCSOs.

All that is needed now is for Chorley Borough Council to take a vote on it, to guarantee that the money is provided.

That is how democracy works. Until then we cannot yet relax in our campaign to ensure we do not end up with less bobbies on the streets.

I know the MP and his supporters will be in Chorley town centre in the new year asking people to sign a petition to ‘Save our Bobbies’.

I suggest the public take the opportunity to sign it.

Anthony Holgate, Peel Street, Chorley

Thanks to man who helped me

Dear editor,

I would like to write a special thankyou to a young man who very kindly pushed me up the incline on Myles Standish Way on Friday December 17 at about 11pm when the snow had come down very thick and fast.

I hope he sees this, as I don’t know who he was and have no other way to thank him. Not many people would do this and I hope he got home ok.

Carla Martland, Address supplied

Milkmen have lots of bottle

Dear editor,

One thing stood out in your report on the recent heavy snow in Chorley (Guardian, December 22).

That great British institution, the milkman, got through with the milk just as he got through in the blitz and other emergencies.

The supermarket let me down but my milk arrived only a little late. This should give us pause for thought: support for the British milkman has fallen off with the growth of the supermarkets with their cheap mik.

Particularly when you are old you will appreciate his reliability in a crisis - go back to him before it is too late.

Betty Everson, Address supplied

Future of fire station hots up

Dear editor,

I read (Guardian, December 29) that Chorley is to have a new fire station.

I know this has been on the cards for some time. What nobody has told us is what will happen to the old site.

We do hope it won’t be left to overgrow and be subject to vandalism and drug dealers.

What would be ideal for the site is some affordable flats for first time buyers each with a parking space.

Or better still parking spaces for the residents on Weldbank then they will not have to park their cars on Gloucester Road blocking it.

Sophie Timmins, Cotswold Road, Chorley

Union backs Wayne’s case

Dear editor,

We at Chorley & District Trade Union Council are appalled that Wayne Andrews, former market manager was unfairly sacked by Chorley Council simply for carrying out his trade union activities.

It is to the shame of Chorley Council that they are considering to appeal again against the employment tribunal decision in favour of Mr Andrews, especially having failed in its recent appeal because the tribunal stated ‘it had no reasonable prospect of success’.

We at Chorley Trades Union Council fully support Wayne in his endeavours to redress the injustice he faced when made redundant from Chorley Council.

We know that Wayne worked tirelessly in his duties on the market and in his role as trade union steward.

Any employer who recognises the trade union movement is legally obliged to allow the elected or appointed trade union steward time off to perform duties and for education.

Chorley Council’s motto is Chorley is smiling. Doesn’t seem like the people who pay their hard earned money in taxes are smiling at the cost of this injustice both to Wayne and officer time and legal expenses.

Steve Turner, Chorley & District Trade Union Council

Well down to our councils

Dear editor,

Once again December proved to be a awful month, what with frost and ice, and more than our fair share of snow.

But again its grateful thanks to Lancashire County Council and Chorley Borough Council, who kept our main roads more than just usable. Also our rubbish clear and bins empty over the festive season. Well done to all people concerned.

G.Greenwood, Greenacres, Clayton-le-Woods

My girls did a great snowman

Dear editor,

I liked your supplement on the winter snow scenes.

My daughter Ella Rose Daly, five, and my niece Caitlyin Johnson, six, worked really hard to build one of the snowmen in the pictures, but unfortuntaley they didn’t get their picture taken with it.

It was more than 5ft tall, but wasn’t as big as the 7ft snowman that they built last year.

I thought it would be nice for them to get a bit of a mention as they worked really hard on it.

Stephen Daly, Lostock Hall

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