Letters and emails on July 13

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We must all endeavour to protect our greenbelt land

Dear Editor,

A formal thank you for your most recent straighforward comments, and article about the unlawful caravan site on Hut lane Heath Charnock.

This sad business comes about from the occupiers failing to act in a lawful manner, in occupying greenbelt land, which we must all endeavour to protect.

There are many twists and turns in this vexing issue, but I feel that readers should take note of three main points as advised by the gypsy advisory organisation:

* Avoid occupying greenbelt land , the group did just that.

* Consult with the local council before taking any action, the group did not do this.

* Attempt to integrate with the local community, this failed due to deceit and duplicity before the occupation of the site.

On all three counts the group has failed.

Like many I wish to live in a law abiding community,and not in this case , with an unlawful development as my neighbour.

What is now coming to light is more argument, with a new planning application, that is much the same as the old retrospective application, that was rejected by both the planning inquiry, and a High Court ruling. How arrogant is this by any standard.

The new planning application shows a contempt for the law a nd is not in the true spirit of those who wish to protect the countryside.

I am personally sorry that the group has not taken advantage of the High Court decision, that gave a good time period for the group to find a new base, but we must all obey the law.

This site is on protected greenbelt land, that is the only issue.

Dr E K Isaac, Heath Charnock

Is Hoyle playing unions safe?

Dear Editor,

Following the recent strike action called by the public service workers unions on June 20, which brought inconvenience to thousands, I considered to whom does our local MP Lindsey Hoyle lend his support?

As a supporter of the trade union movement, does Mr Hoyle defend this disruptive action or government proposals affecting the pensions and retirement age of public service workers?

Mr Hoyle’s lower than usual profile in the Chorley Guardian (July 6) brought about my belief that he thought it best to remain tight-lipped on these matters so as not to divide his own public support, preferring as always to play it safe with popularist issues on which he can rely upon general agreement.

As a supporter of the public service workers I reflected upon the question, would Mr Hoyle support cuts to the generous pensions of MPs without so much as a single comment?

Steve Cross, Corporation Street, Chorley

We have duty to help people

Dear Editor,

I have read the letter in last week’s Guardian headlined: ‘Quips don’t hide the truth.’

It was written by Coun Steve Holgate and I feel obliged to correct some of the ‘facts’ included therein.

In his letter Coun Holgate infers that the coalition government has committed £7.5 billion of public money to the bailout of Ireland and that this cannot be blamed on the previous labour government.

Surely this money had to be paid by Britain under the agreement signed by the then Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling (almost his last act as Chancellor) during the hiatus between the general election in May 2010 and the formation of the coalition?

I would add that the ridiculous circumstances surrounding this agreement, believe it or not, obliged both Greece and Portugal, themselves in receipt of international help, to contribute to the Irish bailout and in turn Ireland to reciprocate. Surely the bankers who caused the problem are making millions out of this.

The sums of money paid to foreign states in aid (specifically to India and Pakistan) are part of the agreed national budget and, if I recall correctly, these investments were also part of the previous government’s plans.

All developed nations have a duty to assist those less well off in humanitarian aid and should be proud of doing so.

Can I suggest that Coun Holgate confines himself to local matters only until he has checked out his facts?

By the way, there is no political agenda motivating my comments. I am neither a member of any political party nor am I a political activist - I just like factual accuracy.

Jim McGhee, Clancutt Lane, Coppull

Thanks for your phone patience

Dear Editor,

I’d like to apologise to Peter Leadbetter of Charnock Richard and thank him and his wife for their patience, as they have been receiving telephone calls intended for me, Paul Leadbetter, Chorley Borough councillor for Chisnall Ward, also of Charnock Richard.

If anyone wants to contact me my telephone number is 01257 795559 and my e-mail is paul.leadbetter@chorley.gov.uk

I will be pleased to hear from you and, no doubt, Peter will be delighted to be left in peace.

Coun Paul Leadbetter, Chisnall Ward, Rose Cottage, Mill Lane

Louts need to show respect

Dear Editor,

I just need to comment via your letters page how fed up I am over recent occurances in Leyland.

How depressing is it in this town when we can’t try to make improvements and make it a nicer place to visit.

The vandalism of the statue on Hough Lane is a prime example.

The pipe smoking worker is the focal point from an old photo, when the area was a hive of activity in the height of the Leyland Motors age.

He was a stereotypical man of his era.

The problem is the modern stereotypical character frequenting the area is the disrespectful louts that find it entertaining to deface such artworks.

This sort of happening isn’t just restricted to the town’s main street though.

As a daily visitor of Worden Park I see it even more there.

The refreshment kiosk, broken into,not even a month after opening, is another example of what the council is dealing with.

The children’s playground is already a meeting point for teenage louts every evening.

There is a certain argument in saying that young people don’t have anywhere to go in Leyland, but neither had our generations, but we had respect.

Karl Preston, Address supplied

Garage gave great service

Dear Editor,

Here is a story that deserves telling to the wider public.

On Friday I did something I`ve never done in nearly 50 years of driving.

I locked myself out of my car with the engine running. Don’t ask me how.

I rang the police but that said ‘sorry. can’t help’.

I rang the AA and they said they could help but it would cost £160 .

I thought if I have to pay that sort of money I would rather give it to a local garage so rang Leyland Garage on Wheelton Lane, Farington.

Within one hour someone came out, picked me up at home, ran me to my car, opened the door and got my mobile phone making sure I was OK.

Now this is the best part of the story.

They refused to make ANY charge whatsoever as it was an emergency.

How fantastic was that?

Mr V Tomlinson, George Street, Leyland

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