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No 3 Club is like a social club

Dear Editor,

Sorry but I just had to email to comment as I have been reading the local news regarding the swingers’ club in Friday Street, Chorley, and I really don’t know what the fuss is about.

I have been attending clubs just like this for several years now and even looking at it from the outside I cannot understand why people are reacting the way they are.

I was at the pre-opening party at No 3 Club in Chorley a few weeks ago and it was a great night out.

Like-minded people come here to socialise and as we are from all over the North West is a great place to meet up, chill out, have a drink and catch up with friends.

The No 3 club is a sophisticated, modern and luxurious. It is no different really from your local social club.

You commented that nobody would want to live opposite a club like this.

Well why not? If it is their choice not to enter then that’s their choice but why slander what they don’t know or understand?

Name and address supplied

Swingers are parents too

Dear Editor,

I would just like to put my views across about the No 3 Club in Chorley.

Me and my partner have been swinging now for several years and would like to reassure couples and parents that live near the club that just because we are swingers doesn’t mean we have any interest in kids.

Most swingers are parents and the last thing any of them would want is for harm to come to any child.

Just because we are into consensual sex with other adults doesn’t make us perverts or paedophiles.

The club is a really nice place and very clean and friendly.

You will tend to find swingers are very discreet and like to keep things very low key.

We’re not a bad set of people and really don’t like upsetting others.

People have the wrong idea of what we are about.

Name and address supplied

Power share is not democratic

Dear Editor,

I don’t think the Conservatives should be allowed to share power with the Liberal Democrats (Guardian, May 25).

If the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats aren’t good enough to win the control of the council then they should step down.

John Bibby, Grasmere Terrace, Chorley

Chorley’s tip must remain

Dear Editor,

Chorley’s MP Lindsay Hoyle is concerned that Chorley’s tip might close (Guardian, May 25).

I argue that such a threat of closure is wholly unwarranted on two counts.

Firstly Lancashire County Council plan to close four of 19 Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) it currently operates across twelve district council areas.

There are, and will be, more HWRCs in Lancashire than there are district councils. Chorley has just one centre.

Secondly, of the present 19 centres, just five are of the modern split level easy access design. Chorley’s is one of them.

In my view, I find it wholly improbable that Chorley’s one and only high quality Household Waste Recycling Centre would appear on any shortlist to close.

Coun Peter Malpas, Charnock Richard, Chorley NW, Coppull and Heskin

Thanks for raising cash

Dear Editor,

We wish to thank you and your family for taking part in and completing our third Rainbow Ramble.

It was a very successful day and despite the wet start, once again the sun shone for us.

We hope that you had a truly enjoyable day and have recovered well.

On behalf of everyone at our charity, The Legacy Rainbow House, we would like to thank you from bottom of our hearts for your wonderful donation of £272.

Please pass on our sincere thanks to everyone who contributed for their generosity and donation given.

This is a tremendous amount to receive and we assure you that this donation will be used to further our work here.

Rainbow House has been open for 10 years and we need to raise over £1m per year to continue our care.

Next year’s Ramble is to be held on Saturday, April 28.

I thank you once again for your generosity and for thinking of the children of The Legacy Rainbow House, it is truly appreciated.

Ruth Marsh, Finance Officer

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks to my colleagues for their generosity and £100 donation from Chorley Building Society

Ralph Snape is on the mend

Dear Editor,

Ralph and Joyce Snape would like to thank all those who rang and sent get well cards following Ralph’s recent illness.

The support shown to us by family, friends, colleagues and schools has been marvellous and Ralph is now ready to hopefully get back to normal.

Also thankyou to the Chorley Guardian for their concern.

Coun Ralph and Joyce Snape, Chorley

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