Letters and emails on March 9, 2011

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Dear Editor,

I write in response to your article ‘Future of Falklands War memorial is under review’.

I would like to point out a number of things.

The request to place the stone in Astley Park was made by Chorley Royal British Legion, not Mr Kevill. The branch worked closely with the council and MP Lindsay Hoyle and it was felt appropriate that the monument should be placed in its current location.

The stone was placed near the cenotaph to commemorate all who served in the campaign and is known by the people of Chorley as the Falklands Stone.

At the dedication of the Falklands Stone, the Regimental Padre for Fulwood Barracks conducted a drum head service during which the stone was blessed, and as such, became a consecrated war memorial.

Since that day, a parade is held every April in the town where people from throughout the UK attend to pay their respects. Mr Kevill has also gone to great lengths to widen this aspect requesting that it should be a day of reflection and thanksgiving for all branches of the armed forces past and present.

At a time when other communities are paying tribute to our Armed Forces, does Chorley really want to be seen as a town that is removing memorials?

There is ample area around the cenotaph to accommodate Mr Williams’ worthy cause, without having to remove the Falklands Stone.

That stone and the men named on it have more than earned the right to be where they are.

Michael Finan, Princess Way, Euxton

Thank you to kind stranger

DEAR Editor,

When out on February 27 walking along the canal from Bagganley Lane to Adlington, I lost my purse and walked all the way back with a friend to try to find it, to no avail.

I got a phone call at some point from my daughter to say that it had been brought back to the house.

I would just like to thank this kind stranger for bringing it back.

Name and address supplied

I used the M6 shortcut

DEAR Editor,

I have lived in Charnock Richard for the past six years and frequently used the access to the M6 via Charnock Richard Services.

Although I appreciated the road was never meant to be used for access, it had been a great shortcut and I’m absolutely gutted that I am now going to have to travel to Standish or Leyland.

I’m sure Euxton, which is extremely busy in a morning, is going to be thrilled by this news.

It would appear that everything is being closed in Charnock Richard.

Many services have been lost including shops, post office, newsagent and a pub.

Perhaps more effort could be put into assisting/promoting a local village shop.

Heskin has a marvellous village shop and I feel Charnock Richard would benefit from this.

It’s a shame that when the houses were passed for planning at the Dog and Partridge that there wasn’t a clause to include such a feature.

Although there was a good fight to keep the pub open, in the end this has also closed.

Sarah Schofield, Willow Drive, Charnock Richard

Tell us all the facts on costs

DEAR Editor,

Further to Coun Peter Goldsworthy’s letter in the Guardian (2 March 2011) regarding the Mayorality, he states that the Mayorality is not exempt from examination of value for money.

Chorley Labour Group supports this principle but does contend the figure of £100,000 apportioned to the cost of the Mayorality.

When we asked for further details of these costs the Conservatives were unable to supply the answers.

However, as Coun Goldsworthy quite rightly states, no one is exempt from examination of value for money.

That is why we proposed at the council’s budget meeting to cut the number of back office staff working at the Town Hall, primarily in the Communications Department and Policy Unit, and invest an additional £300,000 in local communities and an additional £250,000 into the town centre. Coun Goldsworthy and all the Conservative councillors voted against this proposal.

In addition we believe that councillors are not exempt from sharing the burden during challenging financial times and we proposed a 5 per cent reduction in councillors allowances.

Once again Coun Goldsworthy and all the Conservative councillors voted against this proposal.

If the Mayorality is not exempt from cuts, then neither should the Town Hall bureaucracy or councillors allowances.

Once again there is no logic to Coun Goldsworthy’s approach.

Alistair Bradley, Leader Chorley Council Labour Group

Market is one step ahead

DEAR Editor

I’m always keen to ‘Fly the Flag’ for Chorley’s excellent market, but this time they are ahead of me.

On Tuesday’s market day, as I walked around getting my usual bargains, I spotted flags for sale in readiness to celebrate the forthcoming Royal Wedding of Kate and Wills. Who says our market is old fashioned? That item alone makes it bang up-to-date!

Graham Archer, St. Michael’s Close, Chorley

We must speak out now

DEAR Editor

With autocratic regimes, dictators and despots being toppled in North Africa and the Middle East, where could it all end, could 2011 be the year of people power?

Even back home in Blighty the Con/Dem government had to eventually listen to an outraged nation and shelve plans to sell off our state owned forest and woodlands.

At least in the UK we don’t have to lay down our lives to bring about change, just make a lot of noise

So we now have a duty to make a lot of noise and if we ever think that this task is arduous then spare a thought for those who have had to pay with their lives to bring about change in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

Steve Holgate, Peel Street, Chorley

Fire firm needs town’s support

DEAR Editor,

I would like to forward my views regarding the story in last week’s Guardian about the disastrous fire and its obvious economic effects on the employees at Yarrow Bridge Garage and the owners having to apply for planning permission to restart the business.

I find this decision disgusting. I suggest that they do as the Coppull paintball centre on Wigan Lane has done and not bother with planning permission.

The garage can get away with that for at least two-and-a-half ears before they have any kind of enforcement order issued to them.

Barry Hough, Castle House Lane, Adlngton

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