Letters and emails on May 11

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Chorley’s promotion was great for the football club

Dear Editor,

I have to comment on Chorley’s magnificent achievement in getting promotion - especially for supporters like myself who have endured many seasons of, shall we say, mediocrity.

The point I’d like to make relates to the amazing crowds this season.

For instance, the two play-offs matches staged at Victory Park this past week attracted a combined attendance of almost 4,500.

I can well remember when we were grateful if 250 turned out two or three years ago, a director posing the question ‘Do you think we’ll see 1,000 at Victory Park ever again?’

The answer to that is a resounding ‘yes’, bearing in mind the crowd of 3,223 for the Chester match and two other ‘gates’ in excess of 1,000.

There are numerous clubs two leagues or more higher up the pyramid who must be envious of those figures.

My second point is that on Friday evening, with close to 3,000 people packed into Victory Park, there was not a hint of trouble or disorder, as both sets of fans mingled in a civilised manner as they changed ends at half-time.

One of the police, based in the ‘control room’ at the ground radioed back to his superior officer that there was ‘a great family atmosphere and no problems whatsoever’.

Nice to hear that, especially after the bad press the club received following the crowd trouble at the Chester match in February.

Next season, Chorley FC can look forward to more big crowds, particularly when FC United of Manchester and of course Chester are in town.

Everyone at the club – management, players and volunteers in many different roles – deserve enormous credit for what has been achieved this season.

The most vital ingredient has been the ability of manager Garry Flitcroft and Matt Jansen to engage the interest of, and win over, a much wider sporting public in the Chorley area who are now very proud of the football club which bears the town’s name.

Add to that Garry’s tactical know-how which has been notably to the fore in enabling the team to negotiate safely two very tough challenges in the semi-final and final of the promotion play-offs.

The atmosphere at Friday’s final and in the club bar afterwards was unforgettable, including two memorable match-winning goals and the ecstatic post-match celebrations on the field.

Older supporters in particular are pinching themselves to confirm that, after many lean years, this major success really has come our way.

Mike Neild, Life-long fan and PA announcer

Don’t be put off giving to charity

Dear Editor,

As president of the long-established Rotary Club of Chorley Astley, I should like to draw an important distinction between the various collections we carry out and those that are currently being publicised as ‘chuggers’ (Chorley Guardian, May 4).

Every year at Christmas, and at events and emergencies at other times, we carry out collections at pre-arranged times and locations, subject to council permission and that of other interested bodies.

We are not allowed to move from the agreed locations and neither are we allowed to approach shoppers ‘rattling our tins’.

We also wear our distinctive high visibility ‘Rotary’ tabards.

Reports we have been reading in the press lately seem to include all charity collections in their criticism and I should like to clarify these important differences, so that people are not discouraged from donating to our many charities which would suffer if the differences were not highlighted.

Colin Evans, President, Rotary Club of Chorley Astley

Thank you for backing me

Dear Editor,

I’d like to thank the residents of Astley & Buckshaw Ward for returning me to represent them at Chorley Council as their local community champion.

It is a role I take great pride in and I will continue to serve Astley Village, Buckshaw Village and parts of Euxton with all the commitment and passion that I have given during the past 9 years.

Mark Perks, Astley & Buckshaw, Chorley Council

Proud to have ‘youngest’ title

Dear Editor,

It is both an honour and a privilege to have been elected to represent my home ward of Coppull on Chorley Borough Council.

Over the past few months I have been overwhelmed by the level of support I have received from residents throughout the village.

I am proud to have been elected as Chorley’s youngest ever councillor, a title previously held by our local MP Lindsay Hoyle and my colleague and friend Coun Chris France.

Thursday night saw a successful end to my campaign to represent fellow residents on Chorley Borough Council but today sees the beginning of a new campaign to uphold the interests of residents both in the village and right across Chorley and to continue the fight for a fairer, safer and more pleasant community in which to live.

Coun Matt Crow, Councillor for Coppull

Your support is worth the work

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the people of Adlington & Anderton who took the time and effort to vote for me in the 2011 Chorley Borough Elections.

Their continued support and faith in myself and the Labour Party is greatly appreciated.

I feel very proud to once again represent them. Thank you once again for your continued support.

June Molyneaux, Adlington

Goodbye and thank you

Dear Editor,

I am writing to thank the residents of Chorley North-West Ward who have been consistent in giving their 1,254 votes in 2003, 1,349 in 2007 and their 1,207 votes last week.

I have really enjoyed my experience working for Chorley in the borough council especially, but not exclusively, on town centre issues.

My one regret is not being there to appreciate the new freedoms the Localism Bill will give councillors and their communities.

However all is not lost; I still represent the Chorley NW, Charnock Richard, Coppull and Heskin on Lancashire County Council.

Peter Malpas, Westminster Road, Chorley

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