Letters and emails on May 18

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Congratualtions to Chorley FC on promotion success

Dear Editor,

On behalf of Chorley Community Housing, who have been Chorley FC’s gold sponsors for the 2010/11 season, I’m writing to offer our hearty congratulations to the Magpies on their promotion to the Evo-Stik Premier League.

I attended the play-off final against AFC Fylde and it was a fantastic atmosphere, with the team putting in a great performance capped off by two cracking goals.

The club are obviously on their way to greater things in 2011/12 which is great news for everyone in Chorley who loves football and great news for the town as a whole.

Richard Houghton, Director of Operations CCH

We DID want council control

Dear Editor,

Further to your newspapers otherwise excellent coverage of the recent local elections in Chorley (May 11), I would like to raise concern over the statement that ‘privately Labour are reluctant to take over .... (the council)’.

I can categorically confirm that this is most certainly not the case, and is in fact the exact opposite of what we would like to do.

Despite our gaining an overwhelming 50 per cent of the votes cast on the day and gaining an additional five seats, we are unable to take control of the council in our own right at this time, as other smaller parties who have the balance of seats have indicated that they wish to maintain their own independence.

We respect the outcome of the election, and whilst circummstances may change in the future we are unable to form an administration at present, and await the decision of the larger Conservative group as to how it wishes to proceed.

We have stated our desire that they more accurately reflect the views of all Chorley residents as expressed via the ballot box, and await their proposals at the next full council meeting.

Alistair Bradley, Chorley Labour Group Leader

Graffiti yobs are ‘pathetic’

Dear Editor,

As you know the underpass on Leyland’s Moss Lane has been regularly been damaged or had graffiti daubed in it by poisonous, brain dead, little morons intent on blighting our community, in the name of fun.

The lowlife’s antics over the years have genuinely been pathetic but the latest clowns to ‘play in it’ really have reached a new low, by burning out the underpass lighting as well daubing their names.

Do Hannah and the little bunch of morons she hangs out with not know the dangers of their actions?

What are the chavs responsible for dragging up these brats doing?

No doubt if one of the ‘misunderstood little angels’ had been electrocuted during their mindless act we would have had their ‘parents’ on the front page claiming how innocent and angelic their little darling was.

Hopefully, if the scum are tracked down, we will see their mug shots on the front page being given the punishment they so justly deserve.

Andy Farrell, Leyland

Can’t wait for the challenge

Dear Editor,

I wish to express my gratitude to the residents of Clayton-le-Woods North for taking the time to vote on May 5.

I am absolutely delighted and immensely proud to be elected as the first ever Labour councillor for this ward.

I am looking forward to representing the people and the interests of their neighbourhood in the future.

Steve Murfitt, Clayton-le-Woods North

We deserve a full chief exec

Dear Editor,

The position of chief executive for Chorley, or indeed any council in the country, should never be a shared option.

Donna Hall was insulting both Chorley and Wyre by splitting her time between the two and therefore not devoting herself completely to one.

Those in public service generally have a special ethos of wanting to serve the public. The clue is in the job description title – public service.

Lottery sized salaries must stop.

(It’s important to) undertand that this is the consequence of the previous Labour government. It was their irresponsible actions that have caused the mess the country is in.

Barry Waddilove, Furious Wolf Design, Whittle-le-Woods

Thank you for your support

Dear Editor,

I am writing to thank the residents of Moss Side and Midge Hall for re-electing me in this month’s local elections.

After representing local residents for the past eight years, I was pleased that they once again placed their trust in me.

I was also delighted that our Conservative group has retained control of South Ribble Borough Council.

I look forward to continuing to serve the public to the best of my ability. I may be contacted on 07984 168425 or by e-mail to Michael.Green@southribble.gov.uk

Michael Green, Conservative councillor, Moss Side Ward

Petrol costs is no scandal

Dear Editor,

I write in response to the article the Guardian regarding councillors claiming petrol allowances.

What a ‘non-story’!

Anyone who uses their own personal car in any job should be entitled to claim mileage, so why not our local councillors?

It’s not exactly an expenses scandal is it?

Name and address supplied

I promise to do my very best

Dear Editor,

On Thursday May 5, 57.69 per cent of the electorate in the Chorley North West Ward took the time to vote for their local borough councillor.

This was a fantastic turnout and the largest in Chorley borough.

As the successful candidate, I’d like to thank all voters who voted, irrespective of who they voted for, because they’ve exercised their democratic right.

I would especially like to thank all voters who supported Labour because we won with a majority of 332. As a result, I now have the honour of representing the North West Ward for the next four years and I promise to do my very best for all.

Pauline Phipps, Chorley

Are decision- makers aliens?

Dear Editor,

If I had just arrived back on Earth last week from a long interplanetary space mission, and was not aware of the time of year, I would have thought that the article in last week’s Guardian regarding the closure of Chorley tip, was an April fool’s joke!

You do have to wonder what thought process goes behind such insane decisions? Particularly when a large sum of money was paid out in recent years to modernise the tip.

Having arrived back on Earth, the conclusion you could draw from the article is that lunatics are indeed running the asylum!

What time is blast off?

Craig Wellum, Charnock Richard, Chorley

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