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Well done for keeping parks clean - now for dog owners

Dear Editor,

Through the Guardian I’d like to offer my praise to both those who work in Astley Park and those connected to Chorley Cricket Club.

In the first instance can I offer a ‘well done’ to those who endeavour to keep Astley Park clean and tidy particularly after the weekend.

There has been a number of events with the weather being good in April, which have brought people out to enjoy the Spring sunshine.

The staff have provided extra bins to help people dispose of their rubbish and each morning staff have been out clearing away litter discarded by those who still find difficulty walking to a nearby bin.

These friendly staff who tend to the gardens, cut the grass and take time to play with our dogs are a credit to the agency they work for.

In turn the local cricket team have shown patience and understanding in allowing dog owners to exercise their dogs around the perimeter of the ground.

Strategically placed signs have shown they have no issues with dog owners who show respect and clear the dog waste away.

They are to be praised and respected for their actions when it could have been easy for them to decide on a complete ban of dogs and their owners.

Not everyone though appears able to read the signs as a minority continue to allow their dogs to relieve themselves in strategic parts of the ground, including the tennis court entrance.

Please show some respect to the members of Chorley Cricket Club whose work is on going and should not include clearing up a lazy dog owners mess.

Twice now since the season started, I have cleared and disposed of dog waste left by inconsiderate dog owners.

John Threlfall, Stansted Road, Chorley

MP might not be enough

Dear Editor,

I applaud Lindsay Hoyle’s effort to keep Birkacre Recycling Centre open but find from experience that these things often have a momentum of their own.

There is invariably an unstoppable agenda, quite outside the bounds of persuasion or common sense.

The ROF was a typical example and there have been others and there will be more.

In the present financial climate the most ludicrous excuse suffices to destroy families regularly putting thousands of people out of work.

Joseph G Dawson, Chorley Road, Withnell

Alcohol orders to tackle ASB

Dear Editor,

I just wanted to respond to the article ‘Drinking ban set for recreation grounds’.

First of all I’d like to point out the alcohol order is not a drinking ban.

It means that in the area the order covers, the authorities have the discretionary power to require a person causing or likely to cause nuisance to stop drinking and confiscate alcohol or containers of alcohol from them.

Secondly, there are no plans to include Coronation Recreation Ground in the alcohol order that covers the town centre and Astley Park.

We said we would review the order after a year and that’s what we will be doing in June and we will let people know the outcome of that.

It is important to remember that alcohol orders are just one of many tools used to tackle anti social behaviour and we are already working with the police to tackle problems with drinking in the recreation ground.

Coun Eric Bell, Chorley Council’s Executive Member (Places)

Lib Dems were not wanted

Dear Editor,

What an absolute disgrace to democracy and an insult to the people of Chorley.

The Liberal Democrats, who were overwhelmingly rejected by the local electorate, even in their stronghold of Coppull, now hold two of the key posts on the Chorley Council.

They should be ashamed. Two councillors, two seats at the top table, this cannot be right. Surely it is not too late for them to reflect and do the decent thing and stand down.

J. F Mallinson UKIP, (chairman Chorley branch)

Are businesses busy or lazy?

Dear Editor,

I contacted four companies in the Chorley area to provide me with a quote for a particular and, I hasten to add expensive, make of front door which had been highly recommended.

They all said they would get back to me (one in 10 minutes) but after waiting more than a week in each instance none did.

Are these firms bucking the economic trend with order books so full they can’t even be bothered to acknowledge my request?

Or do they employ incompetent staff?

I have since given to order to a Rochdale company which responded with courtesy.

David Birtill, Withnell Fold

We didn’t vote for coalition

Dear Editor,

As a resident of Coppull, (I was actually born in the village) for the past 60 years, I cannot say that a Conservative has ever been elected to represent Coppull on Chorley Borough Council.

What gives Coun Ken Ball the right to force the people of Coppull on his say (into a coalition)?

Mr A Lowe, Coppull

Thanks for your support - again

Dear Editor,

Through your newspaper thank all the people of Chorley South East Ward who recently voted for me to become their Chorley borough councillor.

I will use all my energy and influence to represent your views regarding all those matter that are of concern to you.

All I ask in return is that you share with me, your vision for Chorley and the community in which we live and raise our families, so I am best able to do the job you have elected me to do.

Steve Holgate, Chorley

EDITOR’S NOTE: This will be the final letter like this.

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