Zak supports school’s road safety demo

BRAKE mascot Zak outside Whittle-le-Woods CE Primary School
BRAKE mascot Zak outside Whittle-le-Woods CE Primary School
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A ROAD safety-campaigning school is to get long-awaited improvements.

However, Whittle-le-Woods CE Primary, on the busy A6 Preston Road, is still calling for a lower speed limit.

Local campaigners, led by parent Karen Field, launched their campaign after a young boy was hit by a van outside the school where fast traffic has been a cause of concern.

Since June, there have been a number of other collisions on a crossing directly outside the school.

The concerns were raised at a crisis meeting with the school, representatives of Lancashire County Council, and county councillor John Fillis.

As well as asking for a statutory 20mph limit, a permanent ‘lollipop person’ was suggested, along with other traffic calming measures.

On Wednesday, the campaign received the backing of road safety charity Brake.

Its mascot Zak the Zebra went along to support the school campaign for statutory 20mph limits in the area, rather than the current advisory one.

The campaigners held a demonstration outside the school to call on drivers to slow down.

Karen said it was well received by drivers who showed their support by sounding their horns.

She added: “Thanks to the support of the parents, staff and pupils of the school and councillor Mark Perks we have now secured a new style of crossing to be installed in half-term and the wheels are in motion for a crossing attendant to be in place for September 2015.

“However, what would make the biggest difference to the safety of the crossing, and the road as a whole, would be a lower speed limit.

“Halving the speed limit would greatly reduce the risk of further collisions and help keep our children safe.”

Ed Morrow, campaigns officer Brake, said: “Brake is 100 per cent behind the campaign at Whittle-le-Woods Primary School. Everyone, adults and children, has the right to walk and cycle to get to school or work, to visit local shops and facilities, or just for their enjoyment, without being endangered by fast traffic.

“20mph limits are absolutely key to achieving this - they are an effective, tried and tested way of protecting our children, and making our communities more pleasant places for everyone.

“We hope Zak’s visit will help persuade the authorities to listen and act on the community’s concerns by implementing a statutory 20mph limit in the area.”