Cyclists back in the saddle

Chorley Cycling Club
Chorley Cycling Club

A Chorley bicycle club is dusting off its spokes to be resurrected this year.

Steve Salmon, from Adlington, is behind the revival of the Chorley Cycling Club.

The 50-year-old said: “Cycling is liberating, especially on the freer roads where there’s no traffic.

“There are places in Wigan, Horwich, and Bamber Bridge, but there’s nothing in Chorley now, so we’re looking to set it up.

“We’re still in discussion stages, but local riders I’ve spoken to are really interested.

“We’re looking for potential new members, as well as anyone that has any history of the club, to try to get newer members more enthusiastic about it.”

The idea to re-establish the club came from a six-day charity ride to Paris, in aid of the British Legion, starting on August 30.

“There are four of us and we’re out all the time, we’ve been preparing since September and it’s where the idea for the club sprang from,” Steve added.

For more information, e-mail, or look up the group on Facebook.