Jennings so proud of his fledgling fighters

left, Mike Jennings and right, Dave Jennings at Jennings Gym in Coppull Mill
left, Mike Jennings and right, Dave Jennings at Jennings Gym in Coppull Mill
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The newly-opened Jennings Gym has proved to be a real hit with youngsters in the area.

The gym based at Coppull Mill has had outstanding success over the recent weeks – and the past weekend brought even more success for the gym.

Mick Ellison, 23, fighting in only his third fight, is now through to the Novice Champions’ second round after defeating his opponent on points.

Ellison, who won his first fight via knockout and his second on points, boxed excellently against a much more experienced opponent who was fighting in his sixth fight.

The gym also had a number of youngsters fighting over the weekend with Callum Daley, Charlie Macdonald and Adam Valli Carter all impressing in their respected fights and skills bouts.

Delighted gym owner Mick Jennings said: “The past few weeks have been excellent for the gym.

“At the moment what we want to do is keep the lads in the gym and get as many fights as possible.

“I was really impressed with everybody who fought over the weekend, and it is good to see.”

Mick and his brother Dave opened the gym after Dave became a level one qualified ABA coach, while Mick’s boxing career is temporarily on hold due to a persistent shoulder injury. And Mick is delighted with the way things have started for the gym that only opened in June.

He added: “I’m made up with everything that has happened over the past few months.

“Me and Dave will travel anywhere to make sure these lads have constant fights.

“This is the only way they will get better. If they don’t fight for a while lots of nervous energy is built up.

“But what we want them to do is have plenty of fights where it keeps them training and in the gym but enjoying it as well.”

The impact of the gym has been a massive hit with the kids and Mick is full of praise for the parents who help travel around and support their children in the fights.

He said: “This sounds stupid and you always hear it but boxing has actually made them better kids.

“Instead of them messing around on the streets, they are training hard and they have so much more discipline.

“The parents have been very supportive and they can see the change of attitude.

“Everyone is eating much more healthily but at the same time they are loving it.”

Jennings hopes to have one aim with the kids and that’s to help them progress.

He added: “I wanted to be able to get as many lads in the Novice Championships as


“They need more experience first but this is what I want for them.”