A broken jaw - but Matty wants more

Matty Clarkson in action against Lee Duncan
Matty Clarkson in action against Lee Duncan
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Left with a black eye, a broken jaw, a loss to his name and on the wrong end of a refereeing decision.

But Leyland’s light-heavyweight ‘Magic’ Matty Clarkson feels his recent loss against Travis Dickinson in the Maxi Nutrition tournament will

only benefit his career.

Ranked as a huge outsider before the fight, and knocked down early in round one, not many people gave Clarkson a chance.

But an unbelievable comeback which saw Dickinson hit the canvas three times in round five and left Clarkson on the verge of causing a huge upset.

However, a broken jaw sustained early in the fight led to an inspection from the doctor, and despite his declaration letting Clarkson to continue, referee Michael Alexander waved the fight off seconds later after Dickinson landed another shot to the forehead.

The decision was criticised by many as social media and many boxing experts dubbing it the fight of the year.

Clarkson said: “I think the broken jaw influenced the ref’s decision – the doctor told him I could carry on so I understand to an extent why it was stopped.

“But I wasn’t taking clean hits off him and I’d hurt him in round five so with everything on the line then I think the stoppage was a bit premature.

“A loss doesn’t ruined a fighter’s career, and I’ll learn from it.

“Yes, I was disappointed to lose but at the same time I think I excelled.”

On the back of his display, the 27-year-old has been offered a chance to fight in September as chief support on the final of the Maxi Nutrition tournament.

Clarkson added: “I will have some time off now for a holiday, and I don’t have any opponents in mind yet, but I want to be back fresh in September.

“The performance against Travis definitely showed I can compete at the British title level.

“I want a good fight in September and then perhaps challenge the winner of Dickinson against Bob Ajisafe.

“But that is a long way off.

“First I know I need to impress in September before

anything else happens.”