Skipper desperate to get down to some real action

Chorley Ian Dickinson defends a delivery
Chorley Ian Dickinson defends a delivery

Chorley Cricket Club captain Andrew Holdsworth has admitted he and his side have been left frustrated by the horrendous weather.

The Windsor Park outfit haven’t played since their stunning victory over Blackpool which was two weeks ago.

Since then they have had a game against Lancaster abandoned due to their poor wicket and then fixtures against St Annes and Blackpool both washed out.

Just 5.1 overs were managed in the Northern league against St Annes on Saturday before the heavens opened.

Holdsworth said: “It is frustrating that we haven’t played in a while.

“We wanted to build on the win against Blackpool but unfortunately the rain hasn’t allowed us to do this.

“I think it works out so far that we have played three out of six games, which is very frustrating for us.

“But we will start again this weekend where we have two fixtures, and will look to build from there.”

Saturday see’s Holdsworth’s men travel to Morecambe before welcoming the Lancashire Colts to Windsor Park on Sunday.

Both sides are languishing near the bottom of the fledgling Northern League table after having poor starts to the season.

Holdsworth added: “We are certainly targeting two victories this weekend.

“Thirty points may not be possible, but two wins is definitely possible.

“At Morecambe I think it depends what wicket we will come up against.

“If it is a good cricket pitch, I fancy us to convincingly beat them, but if the track is indifferent, it brings Morecambe into the game.

“Then on Sunday against the Lancashire Colts, I’m sure we could defeat them.

“It all depends with the Colts what side they are


“But we played them last year and I felt like they were a team of individuals.

“David Fisher is back with us after missing the weekend’s games and I expect us to have a full strength side for both games.”