PCW review: SpringSlam SuperShow Weekender

PCW's SpringSlam Supershow culminated with an intensely physical encounter for the PCW Championship as champion Sha Samuels successfully defended the title against T-Bone who won his opportunity after winning the Who Dares Wins Rumble last month.

Friday, 29th April 2016, 9:21 am
Updated Wednesday, 4th May 2016, 3:13 pm
Photo credit: PCW/ Gordon Harris

The match was the curtain call on an incredible weekend which saw three world-class professional wrestling shows take place over two nights in Evoque Nightclub in Preston with some Hall of Fame guests!

The weekend got off to an eventful start with Noam Dar greeting the PCW faithful assumingly to announce his inclusion in the WWE Global Cruiserweight Series, but was interrupted by co-General Manager Joanna Rose who informed Dar that he was not medically cleared to compete at the weekend and thus would not be wrestling. Dave Rayne, Joanna Rose’s begrudging business partner came out to inform Dar that although he couldn’t wrestle, he’d find him something to do!

The action itself got underway as Sammy Smooth, a relative newcomer to PCW defeated self proclaimed PCW Icon Lionheart via pinfall after several months of the Scottish superstar claiming that nobody could pin him. After the match, the new faction of The Firm made their appearance and it was revealed Sammy Smooth is the fourth member.

Photo credit: PCW/ Gordon Harris

High-flying action was up next as Bubblegum defeated El Ligero, PCW debutant Liam Lazarus and Martin Kirby (who came to PCW Spring Slam sporting a new attitude).

Dave Mastiff bested Wolfgang in a highly physical contest between two of Britain’s biggest bruisers. Mastiff may have lost the PCW Championship, but he’s making a point to the PCW locker room that he’s not done proving he’s one of the best just yet.

Ring of Honor’s Dalton Castle and WWE Hall of Fame star The Honky Tonk Man defeated Charlie Garrett and Ashton Smith in a thoroughly entertaining contest, which had the live crowd on the edge of their seats. The pairing of Castle and Honky Tonk man was an absolute sight to behold.

A three-stage elimination tag-team tournament took place over the weekend, which provided consistently the best matches over the course of the three shows. The quarterfinal here saw Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions War Machine, the UK Hooligans, the London Riots and Fight Club go toe-to-toe. Four teams who specialise in brutality. Fight Club were pinned and so were eliminated from the tournament.

Photo credit: PCW/ Gordon Harris

Iestyn Rees, the physical specimen issued an open AlphaLock Challenge to any PCW wrestler who wanted to attempt to break his hold. Answer Co-General Manager Dave Rayne, one of the only men to have broken former WWE Superstar Chris Masters’ Masterlock. However with a timely distraction from Joanna Rose, the AlphaLock proved too big a task for Dave Rayne.

Former WWE Superstar Matt Sydal collided with Travis Banks in a thoroughly enjoyable match, and in the main event of night one, PCW Tag Team Champions Team Single defeated Sha Samuels and Sammy Smooth via pinfall. Dave Rayne put Noam Dar in charge as the special guest referee, however when Dar fell foul to the physicality of the match and got taken out, an appearance from WWE Hall of Famer Ricky the Dragon Steamboat, draped in a referees shirt, ensured Team Single came out of night one on top.

In the eloquently dubbed “hangover show”, show 2, Bubblegum opened proceedings with a victory over Lionheart. Two of PCWs longest serving competitors putting on a stellar opening contest, which saw Lionheart’s record for the weekend stretch to a disappointing 0-2.

Martin Kirby, newfound bad attitude in hand was victorious over ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero.

Photo credit: PCW/ Gordon Harris

Fresh off their night one victory, PCW Tag Team Champions Team Single continued their success with a victory over Fight Club, who had been eliminated from the Tag Team Tournament on night one. Not a good weekend for the Scottish contingent so far.

Sammy Smooth defeated New Zealander Travis Banks.

Iestyn Rees was victorious over Dalton Castle with the AlphaLock in a match that saw two of the best ring entrances in PCW.

Dave Mastiff defeated Matt Sydal in match that, despite a contrast in styles, was a thoroughly enjoyable bout.

Photo credit: PCW/ Gordon Harris

In the Tag Team Tournament Semi-Final, the London Riots were defeated at the hands of both War Machine and the UK Hooligans, setting up a juicy and guaranteed-to-be-physical final.

As the weekend began to come to a close and show three began, the PCW faithful filled out Evoque and showed they were in great voice following a warm-up by ring announcer Richard Parker.

The action couldn’t possibly have opened up in any more of a physical way, as War Machine went toe-to-toe with the UK Hooligans in the final of the Tag Team Tournament, and after brawling all over Evoque in seemingly everywhere EXCEPT the ring, and PCW cameras having difficulty keeping up with the action, War Machine came out on top, setting up an absolutely enticing clash as ROH Tag Team Champions face the PCW Tag Team Champions this weekend in Blackpool.

Dave Mastiff defeated Iestyn Rees via disqualification after Rees refused to release the AlphaLock while in the ropes. Not happy at being disqualified, Rees took his anger out on senior referee Joel Allen, who was the next unfortunate recipient of the AlphaLock.

Rampage Brown defeated Sammy Smooth by pin fall, ensuring his weekend was 100% successful, as he closed out the SuperShow with a 3-0 record which the Leeds man will be very happy with as he takes that momentum into Blackpool.

The Honky Tonk Man performed live in concert with Martin Kirby and Joey Hayes as his backing singers in a segment that was described by fans as one of the most entertaining in PCW history. Unfortunately it didn’t last long, as the trio were interrupted by Fight Club and ‘Local Hero’ Joe Hendry, who gave us a performance of his own. A six-man tag team match unfolded, and the WWE Hall of Famer was on the winning end, securing a victory for himself and Martin & Joey in the process.

Photo credit: PCW/ Gordon Harris

Bubblegum defeated Matt Sydal in arguably the match of the weekend. A classic bout that’s worth the price of the DVD on it’s own.

The entertainment continued as Dalton Castle defeated El Ligero in another thoroughly thrilling match.

After that, Noam Dar came out to the ring to introduce the guest for the evening, WWE Hall of Famer and five time WCW Champion, Booker T who was accompanied by his wife Sharmell. The fanfare didn’t last long as Lionheart, eager to end his weekend on a high, interrupted him.

It wasn’t to be though, as Booker T wasn’t appreciative of the interruption. He hit Lionheart with a book-end, a modified version of Lionheart’s own finishing move, and much to the surprise of the live crowd, Noam Dar disrobes to reveal a referee’s shirt, and Booker T pinned Lionheart ensuring he ended his weekend without a single victory, much to the delight of the PCW fans.

And finally, in the main event, after a hard fought battle, T-Bone was unsuccessful in his quest to capture the PCW Championship for a record third time, falling at the hands of the ‘East End Butcher’ Sha Samuels who is proving to be a fighting champion and a force to be reckoned with at PCW.

PCW returns to action this Saturday at Club Domain in Blackpool. A handful of tickets remain for the show. For more information, visit prestoncitywrestling.com

Photo credit: PCW/ Gordon Harris
Photo credit: PCW/ Gordon Harris
Photo credit: PCW/ Gordon Harris