Pitches info now on Twitter

Footballers in Chorley can now find out whether council pitches are fit to play at the weekend by following @Chorley Council on Twitter

Rather than waiting for a phone call from their manager over a weekend, players will be able to find out first on a Friday simply by checking their account on Twitter.

It is part of the council’s work to use social media channels to provide useful information to residents, direct to their phones or computers.

Coun John Walker, who oversees the council’s sports pitch provision, said: “We already use social media channels, such as Twitter, to communicate with residents, and we want to try and expand this by providing useful information as soon as it is available.

“It’s simple to let people involved with the local football clubs know whether the council pitches are fit to play at the weekend, and the sooner we can let them know the better.

“At the moment it is reliant on people phoning around, but here we can get the information out straight away to a large number of people.”

The council’s Twitter account @ChorleyCouncil has almost 3,000 followers, and is used to send information to residents as well as respond to questions, deal with service requests and promote events.

The information on football pitches will be tweeted each Friday, which can be particularly useful at this time of year when many games are lost due to bad weather

“We’ve been using Twitter for a while and it’s a great way of communicating directly with people and, judging by the comments we’ve had, it is seen as really helpful by those who use it,” said Councillor Walker.

“People tend to be more interested in what their favourite footballer or celebrity is up to, but if you live or work in Chorley, it’s definitely worth following the council because it can also be a means of getting out important information, particularly during periods of bad weather and when there are changes to services.”

To follow the council search for @ChorleyCouncil on Twitter or visit www.twitter.com/ChorleyCouncil.