Young flowrider keen to spread the word

Adam Wildman
Adam Wildman

A young Australian living in Adlington is on a mission to raise the profile of the little-known sport of flowboarding.

Adam Wildman, 18, from the Gold Coast in Queensland, is currently preparing for the European Flowboarding Championships.

Flowboarding – or flowriding – takes place on an artificial or man-made wave that can either be rode on with a stand-up board or body board.

Adam fell in love with the sport when he came across it the USA in 2010.

He said: “As soon as I first had a go at flowboarding, I loved it.

“Now I want to help build the profile of the sport I love. The UK has so much potential it could be huge.

“One bonus is the sport doesn’t have to be done outdoors and it’s easy enough to do it inside.”

There are more than 130 flowrider venues worldwide, with five scattered around the UK.

Adam has already had success in the sport, finishing second in the Pro Bodyboard event in Singapore, despite being the least experienced competitor.

That has filled him with confidence ahead of the European Championships, being staged at the Xscape complex in Castleford, West Yorkshire.

Adam said: “I hope to do pretty well and I’m really looking forward to it.

“I’m very confident I can beat last year’s winner.”

His stay to England is predominantly for competing purposes.

But Adam can also visit family, and he has also secured a part-time job as a mecahnic through a family friend.

He said: “Some family friends have been great and got me this little job.”

If successful in his European Championship quest, Adam will secure a place in the final of the World Championships, to be staged in Phoenix, Arizona, in October.

But win or lose, Adam will be travelling to America.

He said: “I should have been going to America before I came to England but things didn’t work out.

“But I’m definitely going to go this winter, even if I don’t qualify, as it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”

The USA is the hotspot for flowboarding, and has more than 15 professionals.

Adam’s dream is to turn professional, but knows this will only happen in America.

He said: “I know the money is there and it would be a dream come true to turn pro.”

Adam’s early successes in the sport have already securing a number of sponsors, with Nuke Optics, SanGuis clothing, World Class Bodyboards, Willi Footwear and Sly Collective all contributing to his travel costs, kit and equipment.

n You can follow Adam on Instagram:@adamwildman, and see him in action on YouTube, searching for Adam Wildman.