A fast bite but a mighty good one

Fast Bites
Fast Bites
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Fast Bites

Moor Lane, Preston

The setting for this takeaway wasn’t my usual one. I think of takeaway as a Friday night treat, a chance to sit in the front room and not at the table and pig out in front of the telly.

Not this time, this takeaway was devoured in a lonely office between me and one other LEP worker on a Sunday shift.

But regardless of the location, the intent was the same –pigging out. After all there has to be some perks to working on the weekend.

One of the main things we wanted was something hot and tasty – and to stay hot we needed to order from somewhere not a million miles from the office.

We opted for Fast Bites on Moor Lane and ordered online using Just Eat.

I went for a boneless meal (£4.50), advertised online as four chicken strips, eight 
popcorn chicken, two dips, regular fries and a can of Pepsi.

When it arrived it was two large pieces of boneless chicken instead of four strips but it was still delicious.

I was also able to choose from sauces so went for a mayonnaise and a chilli dip which went well.

The portion was huge and too much for me but my fellow weekend worker helped to polish off the chips.

My box meal was very tasty.

It was a little greasy, but it still went down a treat, washed down with an ice cold can of Pepsi.

My work pal went for the nine-inch cheese and tomato pizza (£4) and a Mint Aero Milkshake (£2.30).

The cheese, tomato and herbs pizza, costing £4, was filling, tasty and gave a real ‘carbohydrate kick’.

It was just the right size, anything bigger and she wouldn’t have been able to finish it.

The mint Aero milkshake – costing £2.30 – was creamy and scrumptious.

Not the healthiest meal, but a very tasty treat.

There’s tonnes to choose from on this menu and the delivery was prompt – another bonus is it was open at 1pm on a Sunday.