One Sided Horse joins Embrace on stage

A Preston musician has landed himself an exclusive gig - performing with Embrace.

Friday, 2nd September 2016, 11:27 am
Mark Whiteside - aka One Sided Horse

Mark Whiteside, who is better known for being in Evil Blizzard, will be playing on stage with the well-known Yorkshire band at The Ferret on September 17.

The 51-year-old met bass player Steve Firth whilst at the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool last year and they decided to collaborate under Mark’s One Sided Horse project.

Mark said: “Steve said he had read about Evil Blizzard in the newspaper and after seeing us play he got in contact with me through Facebook.


“I played him my songs and we talked about writing my own stuff. I then began working with keyboard player Mickey Dale and I recorded a single.

“The other lads - guitarist Richard McNamara and drummer Mike Heaton - listened to it and got involved. We decided to record a full album using my songs, with a backing band and myself playing acoustic guitar.

“We finished the album and an independent company put it out for us. We organised a few gigs, which have sold out.

“I am looking forward to doing a home town gig and we chose The Ferret.


“Last time Embrace played at Preston, it was at The Guild Hall which was sold out. It is nice for Preston to have such a big name play at a smaller venue.

“This time it will be with four of the five members, as singer Danny McNamara is not involved.

“It will be under my One Sided Horse name, which is my solo project. I thought I would keep that going as a band with the Embrace team.

“Embrace is such a big band - they have headlined V Festival - and now I am working with them. It is amazing.

“They are doing another album next year and will be touring, so this is a just a sideline for them.”

Mark, who works for DWP, added that the grouping carries a similar sound to Embrace, but is a bit darker.

He said: “With having four members of Embrace, we are obviously going to sound similar, but we are a bit darker, like Nick Cave, Joy Division and David Bowie. We will be less poppy.”

One Sided Horse and Embrace will be supported by EEVAH, who has been working with Richard McNamara and recorded a duet with OSH for a single release, and local duo Crossbill.

Doors open at 7pm, with music starting at 8pm.