Razer Kraken Headset Review

Californian born developer Razer started off as a small office with only a few employees but has managed to gain impressive levels of popularity which allowed this company to grow to mammoth proportions.

Friday, 16th January 2015, 5:35 am
Razer Kraken Headset Review

It’s because of this Razer now delivers a quality of products that is unmatched by any other which also shows in the price range. I had to try their Kraken Headset to test the quality of their merchandise.

The Kraken Headset show on the box to be specifically for the Xbox One but on the end of the cable attached to the headset is a 3.5mm headphone plug so feel free to use these things as your replacement to your old pair of Beats. You can also plug these into your PS4 but I haven’t tested whether the microphone works (answers on a postcard). Opening the nicely designed black and green box, I was marginally impressed with the packaging quality. It was a good sign and a very good start. The headset was displayed in all its glory through a thin plastic piece of transparent plastic with the Xbox One controller attachment in the centre. Removing the bottom piece of black card with the words “Welcome to the cult of Razer” in green showed the neatly tucked away USB cable, which is required to pair it to your Xbox One, and a headphones/mic splitter cable.

Set up is certainly not rocket science. Any Tom, Dick or Harry could do it with ease. Just plug in the attachment to the Xbox One Controller, plug the controller into the Xbox One for it to update, once it’s done Et Voila! I would be shocked if anyone has issues with this.

Picking up the headset itself, I could instantly feel the excellent quality of them. The metal frames with the Razer logo on each of the ears felt solid and sturdy with the cushioned closed cup speakers on the inside feeling beautifully comfortable when put on. Even over long gaming periods, the headset never felt uncomfortable, impressive!

One little critique I have is for the non-detachable microphone fastened securely to the left speaker. I mean, it’s easy enough to tuck away upwards but an option to take it off completely would have made more sense when you’re not using it. Speaking of the microphone, chatting is crystal clear with no delay judging by the quickness my peers were answering my insults caused by their camping habits on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

The sound quality is magnificent! I could hear every little sound whilst hiding from the alien in Alien Isolation, it was scary stuff indeed! The bass is at a perfect level which doesn’t bury other sound effects but has just enough to provide that oomph! I could also recognise the direction of every sound so I knew if someone was trying to creep up on me in multiplayer matches in Halo. I loved the sound quality of the Kraken Headset no matter what game I played or what device I used them on.


Sleek professional design and solidly built

Top notch sound quality I’ve never heard before in a headset

Zero delay and crystal clear microphone

Headphone plug means it can be used as headphones on any device

Easy setup


Non-detachable microphone arm


Razer’s Kraken Headset is easily the best headset I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying out. It has a sleek design and it is solidly manufactured and provides the best sound quality I’ve ever heard. This is the first Razer product I have reviewed and judging by the high quality of it, I certainly look forward to working on more, I’m a new fan.