Swoon at Donny and the Davids

Jackie magazine. The mere mention makes women of uncertain years look wistful as they remember the cover stars that made them weak at the knees.

Thursday, 14th April 2016, 11:26 am
Updated Thursday, 14th April 2016, 11:27 am
All our yesterdays: Jackie  the Musical. Picture: Pamela Raith

Donny Osmond. David Cassidy. David Essex. Swoon. There may have been a certain Cliff Richard there, too, but we can forgive the editor the occasional aberration.

The FAB news, in the non-Thunderbirds Are Go sense, is ... Jackie’s now on the stage at the Grand Theatre, Blackpool, from Tuesday to Saturday.

The fact it’s a musical should come as no surprise to now middle aged (and beyond) women who once adorned their bedroom walls with the covers and the pull out posters of pop stars from an age when we could still call them pop stars or refer to bands as talented beat combos. There’s an innocence about the era – particularly in ongoing-Op Yewtree days – which sings to the soul of the teenagers (rather than young adults) that we all were. How many of us looked to the advice page for guidance on whether he would still ‘respect us’ after... let alone whether ‘French kissing’ was acceptable on a first date.

Jackie the Musical Grand Theatre Blackpool Tuesday to Saturday

It was restrained rather than racy initially from a time when listening to Radio Caroline furtively in your bedroom was about as exciting as life got under the covers for teenagers.

Between the covers we glimpsed an insight of our idols and their ‘fave’ colours.

So Jackie the Musical has a tough act to follow. For those who cherish those golden years the music will be enough to get a fair few in the audience on their feet and by all accounts the tour has them rocking in the aisles. Is it another Mamma Mia! in the making? Check out the reviews next week.

Jacqui Morley

Jackie the Musical Grand Theatre Blackpool Tuesday to Saturday