A Vision of the Future -again?

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Preston bus station causes the same division in society as a popular yeast extract product; you either love it or hate it.

For the record, I am of the former persuasion, but putting that old argument to one side, this short film cannot fail to stir emotion of one kind or another.

56,000 - A Film About Preston Bus Station

56,000 - A Film About Preston Bus Station

Over a combination of black and white images and moody music, Preston people share their own memories of the bus station and the part it has played in their lives.

The images are striking. Clever camera angles pick out architectural details, some obvious, some less so, and make use of the typography used in the building.

The accompanying music is atmospheric leaving the viewer, depending on their opinion, either frustrated, angry or sad at the bus station’s plight.

For admirers of the building the result is a poignant, thought-provoking film.

There is an air of sadness in the lingering shots of the once doomed structure, but as the film draws to a conclusion the viewer reads of the decision to hand it grade II listed status.

This was the point when my best friend sitting next to me had tears in her eyes!

Some people may call this film ‘gritty’ or ‘urban’. I would say it’s honest. A representation of an extraordinary asset which we are, in my opinion, privileged to have. One that could, and hopefully will, become a unique visitor destination in it’s own right.

Congratulations to the 56,000 boys, Paul Adams and Andrew Wilson, for producing such an emotive piece of work.

See lep.co.uk for the full film or www.padams.co.uk for more information.