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A Night at the Cinema in 1914
A Night at the Cinema in 1914
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Chorley Empire Community Cinema will travel back in time on Sunday November 9 for a special screening featuring the best of cinema from one hundred years ago.

A Night At The Cinema in 1914 is a new compilation by the British Film Institute that uses rare and restored footage to give an idea of the sort of of things audiences at Chorley Little Theatre would have watched 100 years ago.

Cinema a century ago was a new, exciting and highly democratic form of entertainment.

Picture houses nationwide offered a sociable, lively environment in which to relax and escape from the daily grind.

With feature films still rare, the programme was an entertaining, ever-changing roster of short items with live musical accompaniment.

The 90-minute compilation recreates the glorious mix of comedy, drama, newsreel and travelogue which would have constituted a typical night out in 1914, and may well have been seen at Chorley’s ‘Electric Empire’ cinema as it was known at that time.

The selection includes a comic short about a face-pulling competition, a sensational episode of The Perils of Pauline, scenes of Allied troops celebrating Christmas at the Front, an early sighting of Charlie Chaplin, and much more.

With a specially-composed score by pianist Stephen Horne, this fascinating film is showing exclusively in the area thanks to Chorley Cinema’s new links with the BFI.

Tickets £4 from Malcolm’s Musicland 01257 264362 or on the door.