Film review: The Rewrite (12A, 107 mins)

The Rewrite
The Rewrite
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Dithering floppy-haired crown prince of rom-com

Twenty years ago, Hugh Grant donned his crown as floppy-haired prince regent of the romantic comedy in Four Weddings And A Funeral.

The Rewrite, which reunites Grant with director Marc Lawrence for the fourth time, won’t alter that perception.

Light, frothy and utterly forgettable, this flimsy tale of second-chance love and self-acceptance plays to the leading man’s strengths, endearing us to his morally flawed character despite a propensity for the occasional fib and social faux pas.

Grant could deliver this performance in his sleep so it’s fortunate that he is nuzzled by a solid supporting cast including the luminous Marisa Tomei as his potential love interest.