Tour de France and Olympic ace’s reflections

Cycling star: Bradley Wiggins reflects on a dream year
Cycling star: Bradley Wiggins reflects on a dream year
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Chorley cycling sensation Bradley Wiggins has triumphed over many challenges set before him in the saddle - now’s he’s passed the screen test.

Not only was he the first British winner of the Tour de France, he won his fourth Olympic gold at London 2012 just days later.

Fortunately a film crew was there to capture every moment and the resulting film will be shown this month.

When asked about it Wiggins, 32, said; “I’m glad it’s been captured because it’s something to show my children in years to come.”

Talking about the Tour and the media pressure he said: “I handled it my own way and it perhaps wasn’t the best way but by the end of it, I think I won a lot of the press over by just being myself.”

Wiggins said his lasting memory of this year was: “Enjoying the cab ride from the Olympic time-trial finish at Kingston to the Olympic Village in east London and savouring that moment for those first couple of hours. It was incredible.”

And he says all the success hasn’t changed him. “If anything I’m shying away from it a lot more. I’ve got a good management team who weren’t flogging me to death the moment the Olympics were over. So we didn’t go on Jonathan Ross, we didn’t go on Chatty Man, because it’s not what it’s ever been about. It’s about the success.” And next? “I’d love to win the tour of Italy. For me, it’s as big as the Tour de France.”

Finally, Wiggins, involved in a road accident last week, has had another ‘hairy’ moment - with his now gone famous sideburns.

“Life’s changed quite a bit, as you can imagine, and it was just getting a bit much walking around with them, as they’re very recognisable, so I shaved them off, grew a beard and put a woolly hat on,” he said.

Bradley Wiggins: A Year In Yellow airs on November 21 on Sky Atlantic HD.