Cider, live music and throwing jelly – a perfect weekend out

Pressed Cider Festival
Pressed Cider Festival
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Owd Nell’s Canalside Tavern is hosting the North West’s only Pressed Cider Festival next weekend, July 26-28.

The festival – being held in conjunction with Brothers Cider, Thatcher’s Cider, Stella Artois Cider and Rekordeling – will be staged at the Outdoor Canalside Cider Bar which will be open all weekend for the festival, with cask cider tasting and traditional south west food, along with a charity cider Barrel Dip.

On the Friday and Saturday, Donkey Vision, a great local band who play cover versions of classic songs and contemporary chart singles but with an acoustic vibe, play from 9pm. The Saturday night also sees the final of the 2013 World Jelly Clodding Championship – with world famous Champion Jelly Clodders Chip and Knocker defending their title at 8.30pm.

Anne Musella, Guy’s Thatched Hamlet, said: “Jelly Clodding is a traditional Lancashire sport.

“Two people each hold a pole with a rope across, approximately 10/12 foot high, and the two competitors stand either side of the rope and throw a jelly wrapped in newspaper over the rope.

“The winner is the team who do the most throws/catches before the package collapses!

“It is extremely messy.”

There will also be a Punch and Judy magic show, children’s rides and falconry shows. It is free admission and more details are available by calling 01995 642485.