Do you know The Muffin Men?

Music review
Music review
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Fans of the late Frank Zappa must not miss The Muffin Men.

First formed in 1990 while the great man was still alive, to play a one-off concert celebrating Zappa’s 50th birthday, the Muffin Men arrive in Preston next Friday, November 29.

The Liverpool based band have now spent 23 years paying tribute to their hero in more than a thousand gigs across Europe, from tiny stages in East German clubs to the World Music Stage at Glastonbury.

Over the years they have been joined onstage by no less than seven of Zappa’s original band members, playing the great man’s music and their own tunes.

Until his death in 2008, they were often joined by Jimmy Carl Black, former drummer and vocalist from Zappa’s Mothers of Invention.

With Black on board, they often also played songs by Zappa’s pal, Captain Beefheart – and they have often featured Beefheart’s band members too.

More than just a tribute band, they adapt Zappa’s material to the strengths of their current line up, giving a unique slant to his classics.

This year, they have slimmed down to a four piece, dubbed the Muffinz Power Quartet, and will again be performing their own interpretations of Zappa and Beefheart.

Tickets are £6 from The Continental on 01772 499 425.