Happy return for The Feud

The Feud
The Feud
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Electro-rock powerhouse The Feud will be performing a full live show in the city for the first time in over a year – headlining Lancaster Music Festival’s Saturday show at the castle.

The Feud have picked up the musical mantle after Manchester’s Jeramiah Ferrari dropped out at short notice.

Drummer Luke Paget said: “Thanks to Lancaster Music festival for having us on the Castle stage, as it’s the first year it will be held there, and being from Lancaster it’s cool to be involved. It’s our first electric show in Lancaster for over one-and-a half-years, so we’re looking forward to playing at home again.”

The Feud are expected to release their debut album soon.

Another Lancaster act making a welcome return to the city are The Lovely Eggs.

The duo will be performing at The Yorkshire House on Friday.

Lancaster Music Festival runs from Thursday to Monday, October 13 , featuring more than 200 performances at around 40 different venues.