Helen’s Perks Of The Job – reviewing Hotpots CD

Hotpots: Goldern Crates
Hotpots: Goldern Crates
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The Lancashire Hotpots released their greatest hits’ package Golden Crates this week.

The two discs feature five new songs and five re-recordings of classics.

The second disc is a live album of the Live At The Lowry concert and contains three songs not available on the DVD.

They also play 53 Degrees’ main room in Preston on Saturday, December 6.

It’s one of the last ever dates at the venue, and the lads are promising to “see her off in style”.

Here Helen Lindsay has a listen...

Opening with arguably their best loved track, Chippy Tea, this compilation of the Lancashire Hotpot’s Greatest Hits is a laugh-out-loud, sing-a-long delight.

Unlike most albums which need a few listens to appreciate, this one becomes an instant favourite with songs ranging from the romantically sublime The Girl from Bargain Booze to the downright ridiculous Hardcore Quornography.

Everything Lancashire is eloquently expressed, and then some. Many listeners will smile wryly as familiar traits are exposed in Mum’s for Tea and Cinema Smugglers while others (I Fear Ikea) are bit more ‘it’s funny because it’s true’.

The favourite in our house was the almost heart-wrenching Shopmobility Scooter.

But be warned – this CD is full of double-entendre (and a few Lanky profanities) and small ears, perhaps, should not be exposed to the delights of “big utensils” in The Baking Song!

At a lengthy 42 tracks you get great value for money – a necessity for a Lancastrian – and the live CD is sure to get any party started with recognisable tunes interspersed with a little bit of comedy.

Flippin’ brilliant!9

CD 1 - Golden Crates

1) Chippy Tea

2) You Could Get Hit By A Bus Tomorrow

3) I Fear Ikea

4) Keys Wallet Phone (new version)

5) Resignation Song (new song)

6) Hardcore Quornography

7) We Love The North

8) The Perfect Pint

9) Bitter Lager Cider Ale Stout

10) It’s In Foreign

11) I’ll ‘Ave One Wi Yer

12) Shopmobility Scooter (new version)

13) CHAV (new version)

14) The Day The Circus Came To Town (new song)

15) Cinema Smugglers

16) Sat Nav (new version)

17) Mek Us A Brew

18) Not Fer Me Thanks (new song)

19) He’s Turned Emo (new version)

20) The Baking Song

21) The Beer Olympics

22) Mum’s For Tea (new song)

23) The Girl From Bargain Booze

24) Perks Of The Job

25) Carry You Home

CD 2 - Live At The Lowry (Live album)

1) The Wigan Church Of Pies (not on DVD)

2) Bitter Lager Cider Ale Stout

3) I Fear Ikea

4) I’ll ‘Ave One Wi’ Yer

5) Sat Nav (not on DVD)

6) Cinema Smugglers

7) The Perfect Pint

8) Hip Meddow

9) Face Like Thunder (not on DVD)

10) CHAV

11) Keys Wallet Phone

12) The Beer Olympics

13) He’s Turned Emo

14) A Lancashire DJ

15) Chippy Tea

16) Cottaging

17) Shopmobility Scooter